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  1. You assume ill intent where there is non. First, you can host an untouched DLC mission by simply loading it from its mods/campaigns folder. Whether you can join this mission without owning the DLC i am not sure since my bro and i both own the campaigns. I could test this with a free account though. If it indeed it is as simple as that, than by all means, there ain't any DRM to talk home about anyway. Additionally, breaking a license could mean; either trying to actively break the DRM protection with various tools or whatnot, OR modyfining the actual product code if said license prohibits that without exception. If DCS is all about the second issue, than good night to any mods at all.
  2. @COXY_99 "1. Well you can easily take missions from any paid campaign and edit it." By this you meam that you can edit the missions in a text editor and exchange ai and player positions for clients and such? Thats the way turning a dlc campaign into a coop campaign fairly easily. You can't do this same action in the ME for you can't save dlc campaign missions there. @CHPL "1. There is no copy protection for multiplayer" What do you mean by this? I own a bunch of dlc campaigns and i can host those and connect as a client. Are you saying this circumvents the DRM somehow already? Because afaik chaning AI for client via a text editor does not alter the DRM of a DLC mission one bit and protection is still valid and uncompromised. I for one would love to finally see native coop campaigns and yeah, the trigger part might be more challenging to design, but i imagine well worth the effort. Some dev. will do it eventually, especially if more and more coop modules come out. Might be as well you guys :) BTW: multi coop in the sense of shared cockpit AMD 2-4 ship flights aka 4-16 human players would be the DEAL!
  3. Auf die Gefahr hin mich zu wiederholen: die finanzielle Halbwertszeit eines heutigen Spiels bzw. Moduls in Bezug auf DCS, sind einige Wochen bis wenige Monate. Um lange den Vollpreis verlangen zu können, muß der Entwickler entweder ein Ausnahmeprodukt ala GTA 5 reißen oder eine "Reiz-situation" schaffen, die die Kaufbereitschaft des zahlungskräftigeren Klientels möglichst lange streckt. Oder anders gesagt; nach release kann im allgemeinen der Preis nur nach unten gehen, und das erwartet auch jeder. Vor release, erwartet das eigentlich niemand. Für ED ist es sicher rentabler zwei Module gleichzeitig, und dafür vielleicht etwas länger im EA zu haben.
  4. Yes, the coming visual update, thats true. But, the wording from the AMA makes it sound like there is something coming for the A-10 thereafter in the future. We'll see.
  5. Thats great to hear! However, i've got a hunch that the A-10C might get a bigger overhaul in the not too distant future, maybe a higher suite than we currently have, or at least with some additions. At least Wags wording from the recent Mudspike AMA kinda sounds like the A-10C module will get the same treatment like the KA-50. First a visual cockpit update, and after the KA-50 is done maybe a more encompassing update to its systems. From the Mudspike article: " With the upcoming revamp to the Black Shark, we’re seeing a free update to an old module combined with paid DLC to add new gizmos. Do you see this as a viable way of continuing support for all the elder modules in the back catalogue or is this something you need to try out first? Yes. We will continue to update older content as DCS World grows, and part of that will be updating older aircraft modules like the Ka-50 and A-10C. While we will provide a free update version of these modules to existing owners, we will also provide more feature-rich versions of the module to new and existing users. These more feature rich versions will be offered to existing owners of the module at a substantial discount. Once the Ka-50 and A-10C updates are done, we’ll look at other aircraft to refresh. A big one for me would be an update to the F-5E for example."
  6. I just redownloaded the A-10C guide with the added booksmarks. Really cool you are adding those bit by bit to all guides. Concerning the A-10C...that guide has been out for quite some time and with a dang short of 100 pages falls a bit behind your latest guides lengthwise. Do you have plans to go all out on that guide some time in the future, or will it stay at its current scope/level of detail?
  7. I guess on of the differences is likely physical access of whatever agency to ED offices in Russia and a 3rd party office someplace around the globe. If the company offices are just around the corner and in your legal jurisdiction... Concerning investment recuperation. They could easily fathom real "money down" interest by sort of kickstart style pre-purchase (i know, not the right time atm). Simply annouce the project as possible if x number of copies can be sold. So everyone interested can buy it the usual way, but you don't get charged unless a certain amount of copies have been sold. That would actually be a good time to test out this pay half for EA, pay half on final release. If those numbers of 160.000 A-10C copies in 10 years, and 50.000ish for something like the Hornet in its first year are true (numbers from Hoggit), then i can very well imagine that if an expensive eastern 4th full fidelity module sold only half that, this might not be enough.
  8. So my new GPU arrived and i went back with my backup installation to version, the initial public release/stable version of the unified 2.5 build from 4.4.2018. An yeah, i have not have had the time to do proper testing between that and the current release version, but from booting up the same NTTR A-10C instant action mssions, there is a significant difference in RAM usage. For instance, the A-10 CAS instant action, the current build used double the amount of memory, almost 10gb working set vs 4.3gb with the old DCS version. This needs more rigorous testing, and probably not all cases will be that clear cut. But i feel my hunch was correct, and currently DCS uses substantially more memory than 6 to 12 months ago. I know the VRAM memory purger was added in june last year and this is the only bigger change that i can recall that might have changed things up to what we see now. @Bignewy Can you recall any change that might have upped DCS 2.5 memory usage significantly within the last 12 months (though my feeling this has changed around early spring this year)?
  9. Ja, hab auch gedacht das man nen aktivierbaren key bekommt. Es ist aber so wie du es beschreibst. Die Hardwareprüfung findet ja nur beim einlösen des coupons vom jeweiligen Händler statt. Haben wi für beide Spiele schon erledigt. Wenn dann das Spiel auf dem AMD account freigeschaltet ist, kann man sich dort einloggen und sich das Spiel dann auf den eigenen uplay-account aktivieren. Sollte eigentlich ohne Streß gehen. Hättest du an einem oder beiden keys Interesse? Habs halt hier im dcsler Forum eingestellt, da ich bei der Gemeinschaftsbestellung für Tacview letztens mit den Leuten hier gute Erfahrung gemacht habe.
  10. Mein Bruder und ich haben gerade neue AMD GPUs gekauft und hätten zwei mal 'Ghost Recon Breakpoint' aus dem AMD Raise the Game bundle für Uplay zu verkaufen. Preis jeweils 42€ Gruß, Markus
  11. Hrm, i wonder on which map the Viggen campaign will be placed. Cobra stated that the F-14 campaign is coming for Caucasus, but did not specifiy where the main Viggen campaign would take place. New undisclosed map incoming?
  12. Very nice, thank your! Concerning adding this via a special tab in the settings; i am fine with the NVGs simply working on all models, i don't need the extra tab in the settings. But i am fine either way.
  13. Actually, wouldn't a proper FFB stick be nice for FBW aircraft as well? For instance, the "feel" of F-16s force sensing stick could re kinda replicated with a FFB stick in that movement of the stick is severly limited through its motor system. And doesn't the F/A-18s controls provide some feedback to the pilot despite being FBW?
  14. I like the idea of a pilotbody...but in the modules that have that, i seldom turn it one for it doesn not properly move and shift around depending on where your are looking thus blocking view to the consoles and instruments. If we'd get an animated pilotbody....i'd be all for it!
  15. +1 ! I hope this is being implemented with the coming cockpit update. All the reworked cockpit of the FC3 aircraft as well as the newer stuff like F/A-18 and L-39 have "proper" neck in that the eyepoint is set 5cm forward from the neck. Right now, the eyepoint in the A-10C and neckpoint is the same and when you look around, your HUD is perfectly visible from all head angles, not behaving like a real collimated HUD. Only once you start actually moving your head sideways, does the HUD start behaving correctly and wanders gradually off the HUD glass and out of vision. Ideally, ED would add a 5cm-ish vertical seperation in addition to a 5cm forward shift to simulate a proper neck in all spatial planes of course!
  16. @Hollywood Maybe you could add an additional voice command called "disable/enable menus", "menus on/menus off" or "permanent options" or something that triggers the "Disable Menus" settings. The functionality is already there, but is only valid for the following command. If i understand the voice command "options" correctly, once i either speak a follow up command or click through the various comms menu levels until my desired command has been executed, i have to say "options" again the next time i press my PTT and want to see the menus again. I know, maybe not the super imporant addition, but maybe somethign you could consider adding in the future. Additionally; TX5 interphone, is that mapped to the intercoms in the multicrew modules, L-39, Gazelle and F-14?
  17. I'll give this a shot. Still the keybinding option for easy switching when having to interact a bunch of times in a row might sitll be useful. More power to the user :)
  18. Do i need to say options in conjuctions with an airfield or awacs, or does simply saying the single word "options" with the PTT pressed bring up the general comms menu?
  19. @VampireNZ This two weeks joke is extremly annoying! It's not funny anymore and people like you waste everyones time with these posts. Sorry for calling you out on this one...but you gotta start somewhere. This stuff appears practially on every second or third page on pretty much every thread. So please guys, if you feel like expressing your dismay about the development timeframes, be at least creative enough and come up with a new and funny way of doing so. This has nothing to do with defending anything about ED or whatnot, but reading this drives me mad!
  20. @Hollywood I have a question or suggestion concerning the "Disable Menus" setting. You suggest in the manual to have seperate keybindings in VA for your PTTs and inside DCS for the various radios, so that when you press a Vaicom PTT on your Hotas for instance, the comms menus in DCS won't show up, not breaking immersion. Else, i can use the above mentioned "Disable Menus" setting, thus i can keep my VA PTT and ingame DCS radio comms keybidings the same (great for all modules that actually visually animate radio button presses). But then, i don't really have an easy way to look at those menus without unselecting "Disable Menus" in Vaicom which is a bit cumbersome. Could you add a freely configurable keybinding for "Disable Menus"? This way, we could bind this somewhere on our Hotas and easily switch between showing and hiding the menus when a mission has special F10 options.
  21. It has been stated numerous times that new ED modules indirectly fund further development of the base sim. Besides the AG radar technology that is being developed for the F-16/18 projects, are there any other technologies that improve DCS overall that are directly tied to the F-16 development project?
  22. Good to hear.....i panicked a bit too early i reckon. Sorry about that.
  23. Thanks for the improvements! I noticed there was no addition of bookmarks like you started to do with the other revisions. I think those bookmarks really benefit your guides :)
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