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  1. Hrm, i was planning on buying the Mig-21...and i will make that decision at the end of the free month period. But the way it looks now with the dev silence and no way of knowing when the updates will come...i guess i will wait and see how Magnitude operates in the future before buying a module from them.
  2. But is there a timeframe when the new cockpit will arrive? Or is this one of those moments where work will continue only after their next module has been released, i.e. uncertain timeframe of many months or even years?
  3. Did Magnitude state that they intend to code a proper bomb delivery system to replace the fake ccip?
  4. Hey guys, i am thinking of moving up the eastern ladder from the L-39 to the Mig-21. But i have not really kept in touch with the ins and outs of this modules dev. cycle and issues. Yes, it's not EA anymore, but i recall some issues that have been mentioned in the past of which i am not sure which are still a thing. So i'd be interested to gather an overview of what new and longstanding bugs this module has, which features are still missing or are implemented in a simplified way. What i am aware of is the following (correct me if not correct): 1. New cockpit textures are still not available 2. New afterburner look not implemented 3. "Arcady" CCIP bombing mode still present 4. Recently (ED mishap?) FM issues I kinda fear that although this is not EA anymore, if i buy the module now, it still might feel like i might have to wait a very long and uncertain time until the new cockpit arrives for instance. Any ideas when this might be implemented? Any other major bugs?
  5. Actually, i am interested in buying this, but i kinda like to get an idea when the updated cockpit drops before doing so. Is there any place where i can take a look at those updated texture teasers? EDIT: found in the spring update news on the website. Would be cool to get a couple more HD pictures of the upcoming cockpit as an appetizer though!
  6. I was actually pretty surprised that the Ivy bridge cpu held up so well except for a couple of scenarios. Trying to say; the low end is definetly better with a modern high end system, but even then in some situations DCS will make you ask....hell, why did i spent so much money on my rig?
  7. Cool idea and nicely implemented. May i ask; have you actually tested all the bugs in the spreadsheet within DCS yourself lately? I reckon many bugs reports here on the forum are pretty old and it would be important to make sure everything that goes onto that bugtracker is indeed still a valid bug.
  8. Actually, i feel the testphase for each module would kinda make more sense to be 4 instead 2 days long. I, for one, won't have the time and nerve to really take a look at some modules i am interested in within that short of a time window. Especially if one is not in the slightest familiar with the aircraft's operation and procedures. You could make each modules avaialble for 4 days but still keep your 2 day schedule and thus have 2 modules available to test at a time.
  9. sc_neo


    i have been wondering and asking about that as well. Still no answer.
  10. @Timghetta Would you say there is a chance for animating the pilot arm, leg and torso movements so it does not block the view to some elements in the cockpit? If no, is that due to the EDGE engine or simply a matter of man power? Because that could a first and unique feature of your modules.
  11. Great to hear, thanks for clarifying this Decoy! Btw, you said before Christmas that you intended to go over the 'Resolved' and 'Problems and Bugs' sections for the Harrier here on the forums and move those wrongly moved reports to the correction section. Have you gone through that already? Additionally, the HUD Velocity Vector is WRONG! @https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=222417&page=5 is still not showing up at Razbams official bug tracker, though Zeus stated that work on this bug is happening. It would really go a long way if all properly reported and acknowledged bugs would make it to the bug tracker in a timely manner. That would put many minds at peace a bit i reckon. May i ask, adding those to the bug tracker, is that one of your responsibilites, or is that being done by one of the coders?
  12. Not yet implemented with the Viggen module. Wait for the next big RC patch or buy it in the store if youre on fire.
  13. To be fair, they have stated that fact, DCS being just one of their businesses, more than once over the years. So assuming they would only spent their time working on their three released modules is fallacious. That being said, i would have hoped that the coders would only spent their DCS dev time on those three released modules and not on the F-15 and Mig-23, but there is no way of knowing anyway. When i bought the Harrier it was right at the height when Razbam made some strides on the module in the first half of 2019. I personally realize more and more that EA the way it works in the DCS ecosystem is not really for me, especially if their is not a proper bug -and feature tracker that is meticulously updated by the devs. My willingness to constantly be unsure of whether something is not yet implemented, wrongly or only in part implemented or something doesn't work because it's a bug has grown short. And i bet even the F-14, touted to be fairly feature complete on EA, will have a multi year EA period nonetheless. Once something is released in EA dev. speed seems to slow down, at least that is my impression. At the same time, i have so many modules that i can sink my teeth in at this point, that i really feel no urge to get into half finished stuff anymore. Additionally, it's fine anyway to buy those modules 3-5 years post EA release and drive up the long tail revenue figures a bit.
  14. A post on their discord from Thursday in the bo-105 channel. It's not about being angry but about setting ones expectations straight. Even fairly feature complete modules seem to take ages to get finished. So it's not easy to judge from the state of an EA module on EA release date how long it will take until it is finished and bug free. Especially since every dev. here seems to be working on various modules other than the ones already in EA the entire thing becomes very hard to predict as an enduser.
  15. I don't really see what the super carrier has to do with the Tarawa. No where have i see any statement by Razbam that they will be able to use any new code from ED to better that boat. The only ting i would think might be really useful is the general code for the deck sliding issues many modules have on ships. But i feel thats about it. Maybe the night lighting. But when we look at the Tarawa, and see how many ai assets are being shown for the Falklands map, and i am sure we should be able to land on some of them, i fear the worst. But, Razbam themselves just recently stated again that DCS is a by-product from their other business operations so that probably explains a lot about their bug fixing priorities and speed of product development.
  16. I recall that i had the exact same issue during summer of 2019. Thats exactly why EA sucks! It took me many hours to find out that this must be due to a bug and not due to me doing something wrong. One more issue that seems to not have been fixed for a very long time.
  17. Now if bugs like this and their respective state like 'being investigated', 'being worked on', 'fixed and in testing' would show up in the official bug tracker so we would have a better understanding how things move along, that would be much appreciated.
  18. You must be using Devrims english cockpit mod and forgot about installing it then. I have this mod as well and have disabled it bia OvGME and i don't see any option to switch to an english cockpit in the settings/special tab for the Viggen. Besides, i never seen that being added in one of the patch notes.
  19. Ja aber in wie vielen Jahren. Also eigentlich düfte hier nichts innerhalb von min. 2 Jahren von jetzt, und eher 3-4 zu erwarten sein. Razbam wird min. komplett 2020 für den Harrier und die Mirage brauchen. Erst dann sollten die freie coder Kapazitäten haben um überhaupt mit dem FM und sonstigem des Helis zu beginnen. Und wenn man bedenkt wielang beispielsweise Poly am Kiowa mit all dem Vorwissen der Gazelle schon werkelt... Und die werden wohl so schlau sein und nicht ihre heiß erwarten nächsten Module ala Mig-23 und F-15 auf Eis legen nur um den BO mal eben so fertig zu kriegen.
  20. Thanks a lot for the updated A-10C guide Chuck! It have skimmed over the document yesterday night and re-learning the A-10 will be so much easier with this enhanced guide. And those bookmarks....are darn great :)
  21. @Viper Could you copy and post the facebook Posting here? I ain't a facebook person :)
  22. ED would do well to better highlight prepurchase items in the store. There is a hint at the top for the SC module, but if one is not careful one might easily miss that. And for the "F-18 - Super Carrier - SU-33" bundle, i don't see any flashy reminder at all that notifies people beforehand about it not yet being released. Would just save ED some disappointed customers if this was communicated on the spot where people hand over cash.
  23. I will wait and purchase once the F-18 and SC have left EA and are in a mostly bugfree state. I have 2 3rd party modules in my hangar with 3+ years of EA status and right now i kinda not feel like adding more to that list. There is something to be said to know that the manual or Chuck's guide is complete and you don't need to spent time figuring out what is missing, wrongly implemented or bugged. But the overall package of navy aircraft and carrier looks great so the day will come!
  24. You should find a valid key on the box or somewhere with your disk. That u should be able to connect to your ED DCS account and then download DCS and the module should autodownload as well. If you don't have the key that belongs to your disk you might be out of luck i am afraid.
  25. @Moderators How long will the "F/A-18C + Supercarrier + Su-33" bundle be available? Only during this sale for 65 dollars, or will this be a permament option to get the Hornet and Carrier in one go, and if so, what will the likely price be post sale?
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