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  1. Ehm,...am i missing something here? When i read the changelog earlier today, there were substantial changes for the Mig-21 in there, as well as some stuff for the Harrier. Both are missing now and ingame the fixes that were mentioned in the changelog are not inplemented. What up?
  2. For everyone being very critical of Razbam for the dev. timeframes for both Mirage and Harrier, i can highly recommed listening to the full podcast. Things won't get finished or fixed any sooner by doing so, but i'd say it'd be only fair to hear first hand how and why things go the way Razbam is doing them, and get to know a bit more what type of person is behind those modules.
  3. Any tentative estimate when the new cockpit will arrive? On the bugtracker it says end of December, but thats to be a generic placeholder date.
  4. Thats a great list for Phase 1! Not entirely clear whether the new cockpit textures are in there as well, or will this come later?
  5. Ha Nvidia probably activated "ray tracing" for everyone regardless of having a RTX gpu and now DCS gets confused like....Whaaaaaaaat, ray tracing? feels like radar rays to me :)
  6. I have a amd rx 5700 and afaik i have not noticed any radar fps issues. Is there a specific mission one should test?
  7. So i have noticed that the AI F-14 seem to initiate dropping flaps and sweeping the wing for takeoff simultaneously, which makes the flaps clip into the fuselage during the wing sweep. I reckon usally, the F-14 first needs to sweep her wings for takeoff, and only after the wings have been fully swept out, then the flaps come down for TO. I have seen this behaviour on the SC right before hooking up to the catapult.
  8. Damn, it sure looks nice to have all 3 aircraft on deck of the SC F-14/18 and A4. And actually, taking off and catching a wire works. Even being directed to the catapult works to the point until you are supposed to lower the launchbar. But if you go full power you are actually shot off with enough speed to successfully fly off the boat. Sure some work is required, but it might not be a total nightmare to get this fixed up in the future. Oh, and one thing i noticed was that you need to either give a bit of power or push the brakes to not have the SC roll forward under you. I guess there is some new code on the naval aircraft to link them to the carriers that needed to be added to the mod as well.
  9. Come on you guys.....we want it, you want it....lets go today, NOW!
  10. Question: does the SC module currently add the Su-33 to my account if i buy now, or was that a one time deal very early during the pre-purchase phase?
  11. One new issue has crept up for me with yesterday's patch. When i turn up the various cockpit lights (instruements, consoles, red floodlight etc.), for a split second on initially turning those rotaries the lights jump to max brightness. Additionally, there is a pink/purple glow inside the engine's afterburner pipe. That only goes away when going full AB, maybe it is just oversaturated by the bright yeloow of the AB then. This after turning the console or instrument lights on. EDIT; already reported on the bugtracker.
  12. sc_neo


    Ja ist echt schade das es keine Mission auserhalb der F18/F14 gibt. Besitze nämlich bisher keines von beiden, aber den SC jetzt. Und würde halt mal gern einfach dem pattern, takeoff und Landungsspiel der ai beiwohnen. Könnte einer mal eine der F14 instant actions wo schön viel los ist in den DCS userfiles bereitstellen?
  13. So i own the Su-33 already and i'd like to gift the Su-33 that comes with the SC module to a friend to get him into DCS. Is the Su-33 still key based so i can simply give the key? If not any other way of sending it his way?
  14. Yep, i uninstalled it some months back. And since you mentioned this, i don't seem to see it in the ingame module list anymore. I'll check tonight to make sure. Should this campaign be listed under the campaign tab in the module manager even if it is not installed?
  15. Fair enough....sounds good....looking foward to it :)
  16. So i bought the Red Flag campaign 2 years ago and with the Viggen's RC1 patch this very campaign was added to the module by default. If you own the standalone campaign from before that, you know have a duplicate in your campaign list, and you are wasitng a couple of hundred megs as well. I uninstalled the standalone campaign, but now dcs naggs me on each start to install it again. What can i do? Is there a way how to stop dcs promting me to install owned modules that are currently not installed, or is this something Heatblur needed to change for the Viggen module?
  17. I look at it in reverse: now that we own both blue and red carriers, we can't be charged twice (hopefully) when the new Atc and grew-animation tech will be adopted for the Kuznetsov. It might take a long time, but it would be a total waste to not do this one day. So i have bought the SC module despite not owning the F/A-18 nor F-14 yet, simply to financially support the coresim "Life-things" like ATC, fluid crew, personell and infantry animations etc. I sure hope that that my financial support will help fund that core enhancement so we have better ATC at airports and eventually animated life there as well. We already know that the upcoming civilian flight sim has this in the works, so hopefully ED is encouraged to implement something similar. Develop that for the SC first, then roll that tech out to airports further down the road.
  18. Btw, there is a bunch of "closed" bug reports on the bugtracker that have been closed between 23-25 April, and since there was no OB update since then, there might be actually a substantial amount of stuff coming for the Mig-21 on Wednesday. https://leatherneck-sim.mantishub.io/view_all_bug_page.php?filter=5ec19d1d2206f I hope we get proper and comprehensive patch notes from Magnitude this time.
  19. According to Mr. Grey we might see an up-tick in Mig-21 fixes in the coming months, would be highly appreciated.
  20. Rule number three states; "For an order purchased with partial ED Miles payment, ED Miles are not granted." Meaning if your looking out for making a smart deal, you need to use your miles on a cheaper or heavily discounted module which would not give you a lot of ED miles, and not on a 80$ purchase since you won't get those sweet 10%/8$/8000 ED miles when partially paying with ED miles. Best practice; wait until you have accrued a considerable amout of miles via multiple purchases, and then buy a cheaper module in full (if possible) with those ED miles.
  21. If there was a chance to get the A-4 working with most of the stuff coming with the SC, that would sure make me buy the SC.
  22. @bkthunder I've had a hearty laugh when i noticed you added a "Days since reported" column to the community bug tracker :)
  23. Actually, all tje instruments, gauges and 3d thjngs are really good and top notch. It is the textures like on the seat and a good deal of the russian turqouise/bluish walltextures that need updating, including the parts of the frame that are hidden under the canopy most the time.
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