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  1. This might be due to some .net framework updates missing nor not being available on win 7. Searching for this very .dll file on the net gets results about a similar issue with the epic games launcher and folks troubleshooting it on Epic's forums. I reckon you needed to place that .dll in a different location in one of your windows 7 system folders or so, not inside DCS. The answer might be here: https://forums.unrealengine.com/t/prgram-cant-start-cause-api-ms-win-downlevel-kernal32-blah-blah-dll-is-missing/156022/63 Let me if you get it to work on win 7. From your report it se
  2. @DeCypher You make some good points. I am on windows 7 and until a bad supprise on Wednesday i thought "win 7 ain't officially supported anymore with 2.7" meant ED would not lend support in regards to getting it to run or when experiencing bugs (which would be fine i reckon). But i can't even install the update or install a fresh additional 2.7 copy because the installation is completely blocked. So i sure would like to know whether this is due to real technical differences (win 10 exclusive libraries or runtimes or something) OR if this is simply due to make a clean cut and have no huss
  3. So since the MI-24 is not that far out until EA, i would take it that the 3d stuff should be mostly done. So i hope some of the 3d guys move on once that is finished and give the A-10c/KA-52 treatment to the MI-8 and bring it on par visually with the HIND.
  4. Any plans that you port those training campaigns over to NTTR in the forseeable future? If i recall correctly you stated something to that effect couple of years back.
  5. I downloaded the map yesterday because of the freefly to see what the performance is. I have 24gb and even a simple instant action fills all memory to the brim, 23.4gb overall. Not an issue on the other maps anymore after i upgraded from 16 to 24. And its that weird issue where DCS seems to only use 6.5/14gb private bytes/working set according to sysinternals monitor, but still 23.5gb are filled to the brim when the instant you quit DCS 20gb are being freed up and you end up with the standard 3.5gb taken by windows. And i kinda would not want to lower graphical settings only to make this map r
  6. So is there anyway to permanently disable the red ribbon "new modules" ready to install notification on the top bar when starting dcs? I find it pretty irritating that i have to see this every time and no matter how often i click it away dcs finds it necessary to remind me on each and every restart.
  7. Hey, i think that big round yellow "mark forum as read" button is in a position where it is clicked to easily by mistake. Happend to me already and an entire forum subsection was marked as read. Could you move this somewhere else? This is so close and similar to the location where one usually clicks on "jump to last read post" of a thread. Maybe move it to the opposite side, i.e. somewhere on the right pane of the forum.
  8. The TM TWCS throttle has a nice rotary wheel on its left side where the pinky rests. I have added a 15% deadzone on the zoom axis and can easily zoom in and out with high granularity with that wheel and the deadzone allows me to always hit mein default position again with out overshooting. Can't imagine something other than a wheel to do that job actually.
  9. Add the old (purple-greyish) visual style as an additional option. This was very unique and appealing. The new style is serviceable but fairly common as well.
  10. Every time i boot up DCS i have this red ribbon notification in the top bar from the modul manager remiding me that i have not installed modules ready to be installed. I don't need that reminder every time i start up dcs. Lots of people own modules but have only some, but not all installed. By choice, not for lack of awareness etc. Please add a tickbox to disable this notification OR make it so that clicking on "clear" on the actual modul manager popup sticks and does not remind the user again unless a new module has been bought/added to the stack. Thanks.
  11. Yes i get this quite often now on mobile as well. I have never used tapatalk and quite frankly don't even know how it works. I hope this notification goes away for good. I do not want nor need any links or notifications or account sharing or crosslink things with any other social media stuff like twitter, facebook or instagram. Having all those links and like buttons make me suspect facebook is now hooked into this forum as well gives me a quite uneasy feeling. Hope we simply get the dcs forum back without any social media hooks in place.
  12. Any news on this? I have reported this like well over six months ago to the community managers as well and nothing has come of it. I can't believe that it is so hard for ED to remove this campaign from the module manger.
  13. Thanks for the insightful explanation! If i recall correctly, ED has started to look into improving the ME a couple of months back seeking feedback from mission designers as to how best improve the ME. I guess this one is pretty high on the list mission builders have been pushing for.
  14. I have only the crudest knowledge of the ME, but what you are referring to by "copying the trigger logic ain't possible" means that this not accessable as a scrpit or any other text form (inside or outiside dcs), but indeed must be clicked through various menu levels in the ME to create/recreate? So even if you want to use the same trigger (configuered exatcly the same way) mutiple times in one mission you have to redo the clicky stuff each and every time?
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