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  1. Add the old (purple-greyish) visual style as an additional option. This was very unique and appealing. The new style is serviceable but fairly common as well.
  2. Every time i boot up DCS i have this red ribbon notification in the top bar from the modul manager remiding me that i have not installed modules ready to be installed. I don't need that reminder every time i start up dcs. Lots of people own modules but have only some, but not all installed. By choice, not for lack of awareness etc. Please add a tickbox to disable this notification OR make it so that clicking on "clear" on the actual modul manager popup sticks and does not remind the user again unless a new module has been bought/added to the stack. Thanks.
  3. Yes i get this quite often now on mobile as well. I have never used tapatalk and quite frankly don't even know how it works. I hope this notification goes away for good. I do not want nor need any links or notifications or account sharing or crosslink things with any other social media stuff like twitter, facebook or instagram. Having all those links and like buttons make me suspect facebook is now hooked into this forum as well gives me a quite uneasy feeling. Hope we simply get the dcs forum back without any social media hooks in place.
  4. Any news on this? I have reported this like well over six months ago to the community managers as well and nothing has come of it. I can't believe that it is so hard for ED to remove this campaign from the module manger.
  5. Thanks for the insightful explanation! If i recall correctly, ED has started to look into improving the ME a couple of months back seeking feedback from mission designers as to how best improve the ME. I guess this one is pretty high on the list mission builders have been pushing for.
  6. I have only the crudest knowledge of the ME, but what you are referring to by "copying the trigger logic ain't possible" means that this not accessable as a scrpit or any other text form (inside or outiside dcs), but indeed must be clicked through various menu levels in the ME to create/recreate? So even if you want to use the same trigger (configuered exatcly the same way) mutiple times in one mission you have to redo the clicky stuff each and every time?
  7. @DanieINL ...come on dude. You know it takes time for the devs to fix and enhance things. If nothing changes on the forum withing three months you could make a case, but its way to early to be super loud about this. I'd rather have them re-introduce the old colour scheme/visual style as an option like Denim and Dark mode. And of course bring back the latest thread info on the main page for each sub forum. And what i don't get; new forum but images are still displayed like in the 90s. There are so many good examples of websites and forums that display (especially in a dedictaed screenshot th
  8. Thas was ideed missing for a long time! Very nice idea to add proper training missions. I get why u implemented this in the Caucasus map, new users and all, but this sounds perfectly suited for the NTTR map. So if you get the itch again to port this to Nevada, this might be an even more immersive training experience. Anyhow, i sure gives this a try anyways!
  9. So my feelings on the new forum have not changed much and i still prefer the old visual style/coulour scheme and hope you add this back as an option. Again, i am not in the least asking for a rollback since a modernisation under the hood is a good thing. But: i surely have noticed me not coming here as frequently as i did because the individual subforums are a blackbox now. And this "latest active" thread being displayed right next to the subforum tab was really the appetizer to go and check out stuff. Actually, it would be cool if there could be three latest threads that are being displayed
  10. So i feared that i would come! I am a bit angry withmyself since i have heard of a new forum being in development for quite some time and i didn't write a post why and what was so great about the old forum. Let me state this here: The old forum was once of the most efficient and eye pleasing forums and this was a big reason why it "wasted" way too much time on a daily basis because it allowed for a perfect flow from top to bottom to first read the news and general 2.5 stuff, then glance over my owned modules and the happenings therem, then 3rd parties and the mods section etc. The way the new
  11. Got it. Thanks for clearing this up. Looking foward to it!
  12. One last question: from what you are saying i infer that the "new cockpit" (mesh and textures?) is (uncertain atm) quite some time away and not something that might be finished by the end of this year? Just trying to manage my expections so i can start enjoying what i have right now in the sim :)
  13. Oho that sounds incredible. Did you establish the laser scanning tech already and access to a good real world model is all that is required?
  14. I see what you mean, but is that what was meant with phase 2 cockpit update or is this still something to come?
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