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  1. Here is another track file on a different map, 30,000ft, with 4 head-on allied contacts at different ranges. (left to right, F-15C, B-52, C-17, M-2000C), the radar suddenly loses all of them at the same time, and never discovers them again. Independent of the range of the contact. The problem occurs after about 20 seconds of flying straight and level without touching the stick in this case. f18radarbugshowcase1.trk
  2. 1. What is the bug: While flying the F-18 straight, the radar will detect a contact for 4-10 radar passes over the target (in any bar scan) and then never show the contact again if radar is not moved. Even though the contact is still in the detection area of the radar. 2. When does it happen. Any map. any size radar contact. any altitudes. The F-18 is flying without turning, climbing/diving, or rolling. the contact may fly any path as long as it remains head-on aspect. For me the bug eventually occurs 100% of the time those conditions are satisfied. Only the F-18's radar dr
  3. Ah that's all, at least there's a fix coming eventually, no problemo if it's not in next, as long as I know that it's the bug and not me dun goofing it, I can learn it a little easier.
  4. All the following is basically to say, I believe this is indeed a bug with the weapons and not user error in the Viggen. I have had similar issues after using ANY A-G weapon properly, after rearming it will not allow me to fire the weapon on the next flight I put on the safe, I configured the landing, no nav errors, made the references and fixes, no warning lights Even sometimes turned the nav system and the entire aircraft completely off and back on, inputting references and time so it would still work, it was just like there was no power to the weapon systems, the maverick sight
  5. I got to signup and play the first of this Blueflag series and it was so much fun. I had to get ready for some new teaching work I do, I finally get a break and play blue flag and it's like this... It has only gotten better :thumbup: The NATO v RU stylings were perfect for my iffless F-5 (I'm sure I can deal with just calling people to "declare" in the future if it's another way in the future don't worry), comm arrays give the backbone GCI's a nice boost and the ED fixes to plane position during lag were just in time. Some US Navy fighters feel like they're right at the edge of the pipeline
  6. Wow I thought I could just sneak my hard work in when there were only 2 submissions and get a free module, but then you guys had to go and make tonnes of great videos, haha oh well. I hope you like my submission, especially the bonus clip at the end. I had fun making this, learned stuff too. Good luck everyone :thumbup:
  7. Awh yes, electrical fuses baby, that's how you know it's gonna be good haha. Amazing progress as expected Leatherneck sims.
  8. 7.8/10, Too much water. I still like it though.
  9. Something like this seems like it would be tons of fun, I'd like to try. Callsign: ike444 Preferred Aircraft: MiG-21bis / A-10C (no nukes I know)
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