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  1. Awsome, waiting to try it out when its fixed. Thanks
  2. hi, in this mission you need to destroy a nuke that is being placed randomly at one of 3 bunker each time. in the briefing it is stated that you will get the nuke position once you are airborne. after trying a couple of times, no such radio intel comes. anyone had any luck with this mission and completed it?
  3. hello, Losing my mind with this one. The TGP zoom level in CCRP is stuck on 4Z. I can get it to zoom in or out for a quick sec using the manual rng nob key, but as soon as i let go of the button on the HOTAS it scales back to 4Z. Weird thing happens, when i move the throttle, the zoom level rises instantly to 4z. Hope its not a driver issue with the x-55. I checked that there are no duplicate button bindings. next step is to reinstall the HOTAS drivers. Wanted to check maybe i'm lucky and someone here had the same problem and got it fixed. Has anyone experienced th
  4. Hello Hi, :pilotfly: first, to all the good people involved, my thanks for this awesome work! you guys make this community stand out in the gaming world.:thumbup: Lonewolf, interested in joining the Campaign on the Bluefor Team Callsign: Willopen Preferred Aircraft: F-15C \ A-10A \ SU-25T \ UH-1 Hope its not too late to register. Thank you.
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