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  1. Loving your slick script! Would it be possible, for example, to have a command to start a Mig21_2 which has been set, in the mission editor, to "start from ramp" "uncontrolled" and has a triggered action "start Mig21_2"?
  2. Placed a vehicle "on road" in Bandar Abbas city gave it a second "on road" waypoint but at most road junctions it wandered off in between the buildings. When I used "scenery remove" to take away the buildings near the road junctions it worked perfectly. Cheers. Flick
  3. I have many aircraft with "triggered actions" Mission file attached but there are many mods so you may not be able to open it. As you can see, in the attached thumbnail, there is no "AI ACTION" field. Op-SubaruV11.miz
  4. I have a strange issue where, in the Mission Editor, the "ai action" drop down list of tasks field is missing completely in some missions. I use this a lot for creating the effect of ai aircraft sitting "uncontrolled" on the ramp with a "triggered action" to start.
  5. Happens to me nearly every time I host a server
  6. http://avimator.net/229wiki/index.php?title=Main_Page
  7. Done & Working well.. Thanks for the help..
  8. Jolly decent of you old bean.. will take a look and take on board.
  9. Cheers for the quick respone Suntsag. I do use trigger zones and Flares on units at the moment but would be great to be able to control how many they fire. Currently they only seem to fire one. If you know a way of controling how many flares using TZ and SIGNAL FLARE ON UNIT I would be most grateful.
  10. Is it poss to add "Task" Fire Flares" for infantry under "Advanced waypoint actions" cheers Flick 1st Cav:book:
  11. Correct answer according to YO-YO on ED Team This is an edited version of an answer that was marked as correct by YO-YO who is on the ED team. Preload Radius is: "How far out terrain information is preloaded from disk and cached in RAM. Lower values should result in smaller, more frequent loads. Higher values result in larger, less frequent loads. The optimum value for your system will depend mostly on disk read performance and RAM speed/quantity. I'm unsure as to whether or not preloading is conducted in a background thread."
  12. In the DCS mission editor I just figured how to set up a Russian carrier group with 2 Ai jets spawned on the deck but they don't take off until the carrier group is threatened by enemy Viggens. For anyone wanting to replicate in a mission. You need to undertake the following steps. 1. Create a trigger zone, 160,000 feet in diameter, called "RAC1" (the zone's size defines the radar radius around the carrier inside which enemy aircraft will be detected) 2. Move the trigger zone right to the edge of the map as far from the action as possible. (This prevents unwanted triggering) 3. Create a
  13. flick


    I wish there were sounds to accompany the explosions when the MLRS Rockets hit their target. The explosions could be a bit more realistic? Cheers
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