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  1. It is well known that F-16C is a 9G fighter. There are books and pilot interivews that claim records of up to 11 or 12g in the F-16. Experts know what the F-16 is capable of and all of them have seen the maneuverability of the EF. 9G claim for Eurofighter is a joke and I can say like many other observers, that the Eurofighter is capable of well beyond 9-10G but we are not supposed to know it. ;) Exact numbers are certainly classified.
  2. Hi there. Besides all that, it is stated in multiple interviews of Pilots and on the offical site, that the iris-t is capable of self tracking, identification ir screenin and can not be blinded by flares and sun. It distinguishes between sun, flare and jet thrusters. I am no expert and the most information is restricted and therefor only TrueGrit knows whats right or wrong, but the info that you can get in the public via books, videos and interviews state that it is the most modern and capable IR close to mid range missile aside of Aim-9X. The Iris-T has some kind of database and photo s
  3. The second Picture shows the Typhoon-Helmet or Striker II by BAE Systems to be exact. Does this indicate that we might get confirmation on the Striker II helmet? If so I am very happy and can say, that it is better for REDFOR to stay on ground. :D
  4. Happy that you guys liked it. Love to help and get information out. I also added an additional interview in english to the main posting. Enjoy.
  5. Remark: I did not find the Interview in this Forum so I translated it to provide it to you in form of this Thread. A PDF version is also included in the Attachments. The Typhoon in Detail – Interview with Gero Finke from TrueGrit Interview by simFlight.de 28. April 2020 – Translated by Mark “MKev” P. On 27 March, it came like a thunderbolt when it was announced on Facebook and in the DCS forum: "The Eurofighter Typhoon will be added to the DCS as an aircraft module." But who is behind the development of this agile and highly complex multi-purpose combat aircraft? We sp
  6. Thank you. I tried to explain that guessing out of the blue is no way for ED. Lets call it a studied guess based on information of subject matter experts or documentation. You will never get true capability numbers (e.g. Radar or missile range) from a Jet still in service. Thats coming over time with trust, research and agreements. Thats why Modules can improve over time or get upgrades. We are lucky that ED is doing so. There are devlopers out there that would not bother. I hope you understand what I try to say. Sure it is a Trailer. But in that Trailer is a introduction part wh
  7. Development process of study level aircraft [uPDATED] Hello Guys. I studied and informed myself a lot about the process of getting an aircraft into a sim, and what kind of information is needed to reach high fidelity or better: "Study Level" in developing a Sim. A while back in my efforts to understand more about the process behind such an endeavor of creating an study level sim for a platform, I had a chance to speak with an employee of a 3rd Party developer for X-Plane 11 and FSX and their efforts for an awesome study level A320, including the negotiations that they needed with Airbus
  8. Ah now I understand. I hope RAZBAM is sure on this. There was somebody mentioning that this new wings with "dog-tooth" have been released with the MiG-23MLA already. Can't be sure what is right or wrong. I hope RAZBAM has the correct papers :D
  9. Nice 360° Video: And a weapons video - MW1 cluster weapon dispenser:
  10. what do you mean with strakes?
  11. And this is missing in the current model? Is there any explanation why? Edit: Is the Armament we get in DCS for MiG23 known already? I heard it was Air superiority fighter in the first place, but had some nice additional wepons for ground attack. Is there any information what kind of weapons we get? All that Wikipedia confirmed for the MiG23MLA so far is: 4x Wympel R-23/R-24T (AA-7 „Apex“) - Mid Range - active infrared-guided missile (Fox 2 /3) (not enough details on that. My guess: The missile has its own active infrared seeker - in that case its a Fox 3.) 4x Wympel R-23R/R-24R (AA-7
  12. Nice Information. Can u please add this video to the video thread and do you have some more weapon information videos on the tornados capabilities?
  13. How could I forget that. True true. I just heard in a documentary that the Tornado is capable of flying Automated in low altitude flight while evading terrain. Is this a Autopilot subroutine or is this something special? Would love to know more about it. regards.
  14. Yes I was thinking about creating this topic in another sub-forum. But my second thought was, that we may get Heatblur hungry for this Aircraft. Comparable with discussion topics regarding Tornado in this Heatblur Sub-Forum. :smilewink: If Heatblur does not like this Topic to be in this Sub-Forum, they may move it and it will make its way into oblivion. Like many other topics before it. Thank you for those Videos. I was searching Youtube and only had 10 hits with mostly german speaking material. :book: Very good short video with comments from Pilots and Weapon Officers:
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