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  1. I don't really understand why the track replay works the way it does. Now, I'm no magic box wizard, but I kind of feel like it should just record what is actually happening instead of control inputs.
  2. Honestly, my AAR improved instantly and immensely through buying (and occasionally building) the "proper tools". Cause believe it or not, ergonomics, senses and feel count for something. Index VR headset to give you depth perception and the true size of objects like the tanker, a stick extension to give me more precise control over the control surfaces, a good pair of rudders (instead of a twist stick) to help line up and keep the sight picture just right. A Jetseat that helps me fly by feel if I ever have to take my eyes away from flying visually to look down at my instruments fo
  3. I'm all for it, but I do have trouble seeing how you would have meaningful ground combat. Tanks and naval might be doable but infantry? I guess you could, but it would not be anywhere near the fidelity of Squad/ARMA without it becoming an interactive slideshow presentation. I'm for reserved judgement until the first few modules are out and working.
  4. or have the tooltip repeat what is selected on the weapon wheel and clip it onto the end of the original tooltip.
  5. Better get a stripper pole installed, heatblur, cause all I see is a growing crowd of dudes wanting to throw their money at this.
  6. Korea during Korean war era: We have both iconic aircraft from both the US and Soviet Union in DCS, The Korean peninsula is pretty small, you could fit most of it on a DCS map. Korea was pretty underdeveloped during this time period so not a whole lot of power consuming assets like large cities and airports. Hilly and mountainous terrain which makes for fun flying. A portion of korea era US units could be ported over from WW2, further saving time and money. You could even do carrier ops since there's water on 3 sides and like the other maps, you c
  7. Was there every any discussions or plans about eastern front maps? I ask because the I-16 is available but none of the WW2 maps are eastern front and I don't think the I-16 was ever used other than the Chinese, Spanish Civil war and the Soviet union, so it seems out of place.
  8. AI, both wingmen and full AI flights navigate mountainous and hilly terrains very poorly. In airplanes they will often fly themselves into a "energy corner" where no matter what they do, they will fly into the ground, even when trying to avoid it. This is exacerbated when they are trying to defend. They will even fly into the ground on occasion in even slightly hilly terrain trying to avoid a Phoenix shot from 30nm away. With helicopters, it's a slightly different story. Often in campaigns and missions that require the player to follow an AI helicopter, that AI helicopter will, in
  9. The TWS auto is often losing mandatory attack tracks cause it's trying to track everything, including irrelevant friendly contacts 20nm away. It does not even feel like it's giving the track priority cause it often slews off the track, then tries to reacquire the track after it's lost. Even pairing it with no attack, while the centroid does seem to move towards the contact of interest, it still happens and is very annoying.
  10. WelshZeCorgi


    So while not very common, situations do arise for the need to push back the aircraft (because either you accidently maneuvered yourself into a corner, and will fall off the deck if you tried to pivot, or cannot move forward without colliding with another object/player on the deck) or to drag it off the landing if your NWS is gone due to a bad landing or damage during an engagement. (I know you could just exit out of it, but where's the fun in that?) Also, it's annoying if you have to redo an entire cold start and alignment cause you accidently got yourself into said situations, when you could
  11. Agreed, combat-related effects such as bullet impacts on ground and water, explosion effects on water, smoke from destroyed vehicles need a brush up, I feel.
  12. The switch on top of the seat that you close to arm the ejection seat is always open in the mirrors. It's a bit distracting cause I keep thinking I forgot to arm my ejection seat when I see it.
  13. 1. The helmet display is a little too small and I can see the top of the window that represents the helmet screen 2. The Radar display is fixed to the side of the cockpit, not the helmet screen.
  14. So if I heard right, the DL contacts can be prioritized through the AWACS controller? So that unimportant DL contacts can be ignored (not displayed) on the TID while the relevant ones will show on the TID? Can something done so that the relevant DL contacts show up on the TID? I'm finding that often, especially in MP, that relevant DL contacts will show one second and then be gone the next, while unnecessary numbers of friendly contacts or enemy contacts 120 miles to my right are showing while I'm trying to find a hostile group 60 miles directly in front of us and their DL marker w
  15. Not to soapbox, but lets not encourage a "race" mentality in a sim that already has a bunch of unfinished modules. Further cutting corners to beat other modules to the punch isn't gonna make happy customers.
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