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  1. On the current OpenBeta (not an internal build you may have access to), with the default head position, center and pause TIR: the HUD overscans left and right. This is what's wrong.
  2. I think you're missing the point. Snoopy is saying in 2D, the HUD should not be overscaned, unlike what we have now with the default head position. He talked to pilots and they said that in their resting position, they do not have to move the head to see the whole HUD. We have to do that in the sim right now in 2D.
  3. Couldn't fly without this. Does it still work with the new cockpit? Can't test it for a while myself.
  4. Would it be possible to add an option to set the type of a contact? In the realistic advanced profile I have to append it manually to its name while the type column remains blank. As a controller I may very well know what some flights type are (through check-ins and briefings for example).
  5. No not really, I'm working on a small DCS plugin and thought of asking the experts.
  6. Hey Vyrtuoz, may I ask you how exactly are you exporting the current G force being applied to the player's aircraft?
  7. That's not possible, it's a limitation in DCS. The only module with cartridge functionality AFAIK is the Viggen.
  8. This is technically not a DS, since it's still a client hosting. The only addition is the web GUI. Nice and handy, but not what was expected.
  9. Are core clocks constant during the slowdown?
  10. Setup the settings as you want them for each aircraft, and rename the client.cfg appropriately. Then use the "-cfg=" flag to load the appropriate one.
  11. Check with another FPS counter (NVIDIA's or FRAPS). Either you're getting microstuttering, or something is at fault with the hardware. Have you tried switching the monitors around?
  12. I'd check temps, AVX offsets, CPU UEFI settings, and core frequency changes.
  13. Did he basically fly away with 3000$ worth of donations?
  14. "This PC" > "Properties" > "Advanced system settings" > "Advanced" > "Settings" ("Performance") > "Advanced" > "Change". Try disabling automatic management and setting the size manually. Look online for good values, there's a formula I can't recall now.
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