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  1. If you can, wait a few weeks until DCS 1.5 arrives in september. (hopefully)

    The new engine coming with 1.5 should give you a better performance.


    That is a good machine.. The first thing that smacked me in the face is that you are running a mechanical HD. HIGHLY recommend moving that 1 TB mechanical drive as a secondary and buy a fast SSD. Prices are coming down all the time and it makes a big difference in DCS... Make sure you get at least a 500 Gig drive or you will run out of space pretty quick...


    After that, I would wait for DCS 2.0 and see how that pans out. You have a good machine now, you should be able to tweak for better performance.. (And the SSD will make a big difference)




    Thanks for the replies fellas. So from what we've seen of DCS 1.5/2.0 so far do the pefromance upgrades seem significant enough to make difference?


    Probably does make sense to hold off until it's out at least. I was worried about 1.5 to be honest because I was worried the update would actually cause performance to drop due to improved textures and effects etc.

  2. Hi guys,


    I recently made the transition from Falcon 4 to DCS and I got the A10 module. Really enjoying it so far, DCS is a really well made sim and I love how detailed the A-10 is. Really looking forward to sinking the hours into learning how to fly it.


    Only trouble is, performance isn't great. Now first of all, it's not terrible either. I run the game on Medium and I mostly get 30+ FPS when I'm in the air, especially if I'm on my own. If there's a lot of stuff going off, multiple aircraft and ground targets, tracer fire etc then I seem to get FPS in the low 20's/high teens. When I'm on the ground, I'm getting anything from 15-25 FPS.


    Like I said, it isn't terrible. I can certainly fly without too many problems, and even when the FPS is low it doesn't last for long and it's still fluid enough to be adequate. But I'd like to get a consistent 30+ FPS so it feels smooth and I don't have to worry about flying into areas with a lot of activity.


    My question is, what is the best upgrade I can buy in order to help my FPS. This is my current PC. On my current budget I have enough money to buy an i7 4790k and motherboard, or a similarly priced graphics card. Based on your guys experience, which upgrade will help me out the most in terms of performance?


    I know a powerful CPU will always help out in a flight sim, but the fact that my FPS tanks when a lot of stuff is on screen suggests it may be my graphics card that's letting me down?


    Thanks in advance for any help!

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