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  1. Excellent work guys, keep it up! When the RAZBAM Harrier comes out these'll be perfect (it's the yank one unfortunately, but it's close enough to the GR.7 that we can just pretend :P )
  2. A quick question for the Devs regarding the FM. In other helo's in DCS (apart from the Ka-50) when you increase or decrease the collective, you have to compensate with the pedals because you're increasing or decreasing the torque the main rotors are producing. This is expected behaviour for helo's and its just part of the many quirks of helicopter aerodynamics. In the Gazelle, we don't have to do that. You can snap the collective up and down without it having any torque effects. Your helo just climbs and descends without you ever having to touch the pedals. Is this expected behaviour for the Gazelle? I'm not sure if it's down to a bug with the flight model or if the real Gazelle has some sort of yaw trim that automatically compensates for collective inputs. Sent from my ONEPLUS A3003 using Tapatalk
  3. Hi Eddie. Resurrecting a dead thread here, but I figured there's no point starting a new one on the same topic. Do you know what sort of Helo operations take place during Red Flag, if at all? I'm writing a few scenarios for Helo operations on the NTTR map and I'd like to frame them in the context of a Red Flag exercise. Do they just perform simulated CSAR operations, or are their any air mobile/air assault elements to the exercise? Same question goes for anybody else who might know. Sent from my ONEPLUS A3003 using Tapatalk
  4. I agree. They're pretty much eye candy at the moment, they never actually defend the helicopter from threats. I know the Huey gunners are adjustable. How accurate are they?
  5. Yeah I'm hoping one of the Heatblur guys let's us know what's made it in and what hasn't. Sent from my ONEPLUS A3003 using Tapatalk
  6. Anyone know if the pending changes have made it into the latest patch?
  7. Hey Cobra (or any of the Heatblur guys), have any of the pending fixes managed to make their way into the 2.0 patch today?
  8. Hey Zeus. Is the intention to map the MFD OSB buttons mappable? It'd be nice to actually get to use my Thrustmaster MFD's properly!
  9. An update to the manual would really be ideal. We were supposed to be getting one a while back but I imagine it got pushed back due to more pressing issues like bugs with the actual aircraft etc.
  10. This is absolutely great, many thanks!
  11. From what I can tell there's been no updates. The bugs in 1.5 are still present in 2.0 I'm assuming Leatherneck will update the OP when there's more fixes coming.
  12. Have any new fixes made their way into ED's patch today? Or is this just to bring 2.0 in line with 1.5?
  13. Hey, nice work with all the fixes! Regarding direct release mode. I think you might be misreading it, it doesn't mean that the flight leader somehow releases your bombs, or marks your targets for example. Essentially, you'd form up on the flight leader. In close formation. The flight leader would handle aiming the bombs and flying the ingress, you'd just stick to his wing. When he releases his bombs, you'd release your bombs at exactly the same time using direct release mode. Formation bombing basically. Not terribly accurate but useful for blanketing a wide area, if you had four Viggens releasing at the same time you could do a lot of damage. Would probably be used against large, sprawling targets like a troop concentration or a harbour for example. I'm not entirely sure it was used that often in the Viggen. It seems to be a holdover from the Lansen days when only one aircraft in the flight would be equipped with a radar. That guy would handle navigation and aiming, and the rest of the flight would stick to him and release when he says. Seeing as the Viggen had a much more complex navigation suite, and had access to precision weapons and aiming modes, formation bombing doesn't seem as effective as it once was. If anybody else knows more information feel free to correct me, but I think that's about right. Hope that helps!
  14. Excellent, thank you for having a look. It didn't click that they were diving when they hit the range of the Moskva radar. Sent from my ONEPLUS A3003 using Tapatalk
  15. Hey, yeah I thought this at first. I had them set to 'Evade fire' as a threat response. I removed that though and it's still the same issue. I'll try setting them to ignore threat and see what happens.
  16. Hi all, I need a bit of advice with the attached mission I'm making. I'm not sure if this is a bug or if I'm doing something wrong. In the mission, I have 4 x F15C (Chevy 1) that will be acting as TARCAP over the mission area (the EWR site near Sukhumi airbase). They're supposed to fly to Waypoint 1 at 30,000ft at 380Kts. Here they'll hold in an orbit until 0700 when they'll push to the target area. They'll then hold in an orbit here for 10 minutes and engage any aircraft that enter their AOR. At least in theory.... During testing, I've noticed that they don't actually follow the above flight plan. They start off fine, cruising along at 30,000 @ 380Kts. Then about halfway to Waypoint 1 they suddenly dive down to around 800ft and go max thrust. They maintain this till they get to the holding point, when they climb to 30,000 and hold as expected. When they push to the target, they do the whole 'hit the deck and go full burn' thing again until they hit bingo and run home. I can't figure it out. All the waypoints are set up correctly. I don't have any additional settings on that would change this. I'm sure I'm doing something wrong but I can't see what, is anybody able to give me a hand? Sweden_Campaign_EWR Strike-1.miz
  17. Great work as always Chuck. Excellent resource for new Viggen pilots.
  18. Yeah I've been thinking about reporting this, I get exactly the same behavior. I've even loaded the mission from Cobra's video and followed the steps exactly. Doesn't work, the pop-up point still appears right over the target.
  19. So in Red Flag do all the players fly from Nellis? Or are the aggressor squadrons based at Tonopah? Sent from my ONEPLUS A3003 using Tapatalk
  20. Hi Cobra, in light of the fact that we won't be getting any Viggen fixes this week, is there any chance you guys can release the updated version of the manual on here instead of us having to wait for the next patch? EDIT: Spoke too soon, 1.5.6 updates inbound :D
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