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  1. Yeah I second this. Other aircraft will taxi to their parking spots on the starboard side of the carrier. The SH-60 just sits right there at the end of the box.
  2. [OPEN BETA, LATEST VERSION] I've recently noticed an issue with the AI. When I have a pair of aircraft in an orbit, they throttle back to idle during the turns. This leads to problems with them staying airborne. Have a look in the first attached track file (BugReport). I have a 2 ship of MiG-29's cruising at 500kts GS and at 29,000ft. After a few seconds (the track is sped up) they turn north onto the racetrack orbit. After a few more seconds they start the first turn of the orbit. Notice how they throttle back to 60%RPM at the start of the turn. They enter the turn at around 310kts IAS and they leave the turn at about 210kts IAS. Now, because I have this flight at 500kts GS, they manage to maintain enough airspeed to continue level flight. If you set the cruise to a more realistic speed, say 420-450kts, then they lose so much airspeed in the turn that they hit stall AoA and begin to descend. Have a look at the second track file (BugReport2). In this one they're set to orbit at 450kts GS. They enter the turn at 280kts, and they lose so much airspeed they begin to descend at a really high AoA. It's pretty odd. If I only set a single aircraft in the flight, they make the turn at the correct rpm setting and maintain speed throughout the turn. This only seems to apply to multi-ship flights. I tested this with an F-5 and an F-15 as well, and experienced the same results. I've also attached the mission file I used for testing. I don't think this issue has always been here. I've been able to set pairs to orbit before with no issues. For whatever reason they just seem to throttle all the way down during the turn. Bug.miz Bug-Report.trk Bug-Report2.trk
  3. I'm experiencing a similar issue. If I try to enter a manual radio frequency, the AM/FM select option on the UFC is constantly cycling between AM/FM. Sometimes if I press the AM/FM button it will stop cycling, but not always. Also, when I try to enter a manual frequency it doesn't work. I press CLR, then type the full frequency, then press ENTER and it doesn't accept the new frequency it just defaults back to the mission editor default (305.000 usually). Not sure if this is a bug or if I'm just doing something incorrectly. I'll post a track when I get home from work. Sent from my ONEPLUS A3003 using Tapatalk
  4. This is possible? Can clients use them as well?
  5. This wouldn't be a bad idea overall. Create a 'NATO' faction for example, that has access to all the current NATO units and skins. Would make mission creation a lot easier that's for sure.
  6. Hi All, I'm seeing some weird AI behavior in a mission I'm currently making and I can't for the life of me figure it out. In the attached mission I have two RED CAP flights. 2 x 2-MIG-29's. They're supposed to fly to their designated positions and orbit whilst performing a 'Search-in-zone' task. The weird behavior is that the always seem to slow right down on one leg of the orbit (seems to be the west-ish leg). They slow way down, hit about 17 degrees of alpha, and then stall all the way down to about 10,000ft. They'll then turn around, hit the burner and fly back to their designated altitude on the opposite leg. I have got no idea what's causing this. So far I've tried the following; - Increasing their orbit speed, thinking that maybe it was set too slow for them. Didn't do anything. - Decreasing the wind, admittedly it was pretty high before (dynamic weather) as I thought maybe the wind was causing them to stall out due to lack of lift. Didn't do anything. I can't really think of what else could be causing them to slow down so far. I also have 2 x F-14's in this mission performing a similar role, and they're functioning perfectly. Has anybody seen this before? Would somebody mind taking a look if possible and seeing if they can spot anything? test.miz
  7. Hi Guys, There's no slew axis for the TDC. Or rather, there isn't one I can assign to my Warthog slew. Is this intentional? Or has it just not been added yet?
  8. Ok no worries, I suspected as much. Thanks for getting back to me Wags.
  9. [WIP] No TDC slew axis Hi Guys, There's no slew axis for the TDC. Or rather, there isn't one I can assign to my Warthog slew. Is this intentional? Or has it just not been added yet?
  10. No worries Wags. At least it's been cleared up now. Sent from my ONEPLUS A3003 using Tapatalk
  11. Makes more sense when you put it that way. I guess the only hiccup is that this wasn't really conveyed well in the original FAQ. It said the hornet would be discounted on release. Now they've brought the release forward, people just assumed that the same discount would still apply. I guess they should have been clearer in their original wording as to why the discount was being applied. The discount was due to the longer wait time expected for steam users. Because that wasn't stated, people now feel like they've been cheated out of a discount. Even though they weren't going to get it anyway.
  12. Hi all, Can somebody please have a look at the attached mission, and explain why the JTAC isn't working correctly. As far as I can see, it's all setup correctly. I can make contact with the JTAC, he gives me a 9-line, and then asks me to 'Advise when ready to copy remarks' When I respond with 'Ready to copy remarks' , nothing happens. At all. He just doesn't respond. I've double, and triple checked that I'm using the correct frequency and that I'm using the correct radio PTT. I can say other things to him, like 'Unable to comply' or 'Check-out' . At first I thought maybe it's because I've asked the JTAC to mark targets for me. So I set no-mark, and the JTAC gave me a type-3 9-line but even then it still won't get past the 'Copy remarks' part of the process. Am I doing something wrong? Or is this a bug? JTAC frequency is 63.00FM if you want to test the mission. It's on the Persian Gulf map. A-10 CAS 3.miz
  13. Not sure if there's any included with the map. But I do know they can be placed as static objects in the mission editor, so even if there isn't any you can create your own. Sent from my ONEPLUS A3003 using Tapatalk
  14. I use this curve with a 10cm extension, for both pitch and roll axis. It works perfectly for me. Give it a try and see what you think. Sorry for the picture quality, it's an old one I had on my phone. Let me know if you have trouble setting it up. Sent from my ONEPLUS A3003 using Tapatalk
  15. It's planned to be implemented, Zeus has spoken about them before. As for when that'll be, your guess is as good as mine. Could be a year away yet if the Mirage was anything to go by.
  16. We wondered why you weren't replying to us! We'll make sure we have SRS running in future.
  17. I really don't know why they're being so tight-lipped about this. We're not pestering for new features or ETA's for planned improvements, we just want to know what's been added in each patch. It's getting a little ridiculous.
  18. Hi Starway, now that 2.5 has dropped are you going to be releasing/working on the textures for the updated map? Are texture mods even possible under the new map engine?
  19. Just to say I've noticed this same behaviour.
  20. Jesus Cobra you guys are just pressing all the right buttons. I'm so ridiculously excited for this plane.
  21. Interesting, a lot of those are the same voice files used on the Ka-50 EKRAN voice messaging system. Wonder what that's all about? EDIT: So there's this. Looks like a voice messaging unit. Not sure what aircraft it's supposed to be implemented in. Maybe it's an upcoming Mi-8 upgrade, or maybe it's a test for the Mi-24?
  22. Hi Prowler, As part of the ongoing development of the Tarawa (and the AV-8 in general), are you guys planning to add more features to it? Landing aids, lights, TACAN etc. Or is it going to be as is but with higher resolution textures?
  23. Hi Bunyap, Am I reading this right? Have they removed that queue system across the entire 2.2 client now, or only in your campaign? I've always wanted to play the other Red Flag campaigns but I didn't like how it was basically impossible to use the JTAC. Sounds like it should be a bit easier now?
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