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  1. Nice work Razbam! Looks like the real thing! However don't forget the green lights that illuminate the runway.





    That looks like an LHD to me and not an LHA like we have in DCS.


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  2. UTM coordinates are not enabled yet, but they will.


    As for your question:


    Easy way: You input the 10 digit grid coordinates (5 for Eastings and 5 for Northings).

    Hard way: When the location is not in the current grid but in an adjacent one, then you have to input 11 digits. First digit tells to which UTM segment the coordinates belong.


    The INS always create a grid of UTM segments around the aircraft. You do not need to know the UTM prefix, you only need to select the segment by entering its number. For reference use the UFC keypad. 5 is the current UTM segment where the aircraft is located. The numbers around the 5 are the adjacent UTM segments (1,2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9). Each UTM segment is a 100 x 100 km square grid.

    Thanks for the info. That actually sounds pretty intuitive to be honest. Just need to keep track of which grids are where in relation to you.


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  3. 60 Waypoints

    10 Markpoints

    5 Targetpoints (not yet enabled).

    Cool, thanks for the response.


    The other thing, how will we eventually enter UTM coordinates in the Harrier? The Hornet has some strange system where you have to slew over a grid to select the UTM prefix for the area you're in?


    Is it a similar setup in the Harrier nav system? I couldn't remember it being mentioned in the NATOPS manual.


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  4. Really excited for this update. Its going to make the Harrier much more capable in its primary role.


    What's the maximum number of waypoints the Harrier can store in the computer?

  5. To be honest, there are so many features missing from the RWR/ECM/CM system that it's going to need a lot of work before the module releases. It's only partially implemented. If you look at the Hornet and how the counter measures system works there, that's pretty much how the AV-8's is supposed to work. It's the same system I believe?


    I imagine Zeus is waiting until he gets to this to fix any bugs with the RWR.

  6. Hi guys,


    The behavior for the TOO push button is incorrect. As per section of the NWP 3-22.5-AV8B, Vol. I manual.


    The pilot presses the TOO pushbutton on the UFC shown in Figure 2-48 to designate the point directly below the aircraft as the target


    However in DCS, when you press the TOO button it creates a target point at your exact position in space. So if you press it at 10,000ft then the target point will be at 10,000ft instead of on the ground.


    I've attached a track showing the behavior. I press the TOO button and when I turn around to engage the target, it's floating in the sky.


  7. I can tell you from a 1st person experience, the AdA actual pilots of the Mirage 2000C actual complain is about something NO ONE complained (I wont say it, leave that to DCS M2000C experts) and the complain is about the procedure we used instead of it's functionality.

    And about some other complains by the community? well, some stuff (switches) in the cockpit are not even pilot intended but ground crew intended, and yes, the complain is about those not being implemented.

    About Harrier functionality, did you know that the NATOPS/manual hanging around freely in the internet actually has almost NOTHING to do with the version we did for DCS? it's mostly DAY ATTACK version (phased out long time ago) but only a REAL USMC AV-8B pilot can tell, so the so called Harrier Bible being used in RAZBAM inquisition is actually..well...obsolete.

    We do know since we do have real, very much in active, AV-8B pilots testing the module.

    And now about bugs, functionality and stuff "unfinished", DCS is a continuously evolving simulation, some stuff is "there" some stuff is simply "not there" yet and some is there but not fully implemented until the next iteration of DCS arrives, the most notorious might be A/G radar, some thing work today, tomorrow they wont (hence the coming and going bugs), we take the blame and find the solution (because something was changed in the code) but the bottom line is that this means that DCS is alive, always changing and evolving and we have to deal with it and constantly adapting, that's why we keep working with the M2000C (which is officially complete) and the Harrier being finished up. I love DCS, love the development mechanics behind it and i praise Eagle Dynamics for what they are doing.

    F-15E is a go, Mig-23 is a go, A-29 is a go, and some others that i simply can't talk freely due to my OWN policies. It has been said and explained ad nauseam our work flow, there is a very capable team, in all fronts. I could fill pages with tech stuff taken from the real world, pictures and stuff and explain to you how it works...in real life, but this is not REAL aircraft development, nor actual avionics or flight instruments, while in real world you have to work with navigational algorithms, in software development is as clear as if alingnementTime <= 4 then Pos = Pos + random; else Pos = Pos(this is not an actual code line) and then the DCS engine handles the rest, this is where we have to work hand in hand with ED(which is phenomenal in this department) . But these lines of code are not going to write themselves, it has to be done manually and that takes time (hence our silence), yes silence means we are working.

    So there you have it, I'm telling you what most are not willing to tell you, but those in the know (and i know there are software developers being DCS fans) know exactly what i mean.

    Now i will step down from this soap box and be quiet again, since there is a lot happening and yes, some of these guys actually work in Sundays.

    Best regards



    Ron Zambrano

    RAZBAM Simulations, LLC

    Owner & Founder

    Prowler I'm a bit confused about your Harrier NATOPS statement.


    The NATOPS version we have is from 2011. It regularly references systems that the day attack Harrier doesn't have such as NAVFLIR, radar, night vision devices etc.


    The TAC manuals we have talk about FLIR and radar too.


    Unless you've got access to even more recent documents than we have, which I accept is a possibility, I don't understand how your statement makes sense. Our manuals are very clearly written for Night Attack Harriers.

  8. I honestly don't know why there's a release branch and an open beta branch to be honest. Release branch has the same bugs as open beta, and every module in DCS seems to be in a constant beta state anyway.


    I don't know why they have the distinction.


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  9. CVW-8 is now recruiting pilots for VFA-201! Selectees will have the opportunity to train on the F/A-18C and learn carrier operations. Pilots within VFA-201 will all transition to the F-14B (VF-31 and VF-213) once the module is released. Check us out at https://www.cvw-8.org/!




    What timezone do you guys fly in?

  10. I noticed that I'm not getting the 3 digit identifier for TACAN stations anymore in this patch.


    I have attached a track showing this behavior. I tune into the TACAN for the Carrier on 1X, the name of the station that I set in the mission editor is C74. This identifier doesn't appear on the HUD or the AMPCD.


    Is this a bug, or has the process for getting this information to display changed?



  11. Quite a long time, hope he can respond back to us! +1.
    Yeah, a condition of earning above a certain amount was that he'd release textures for 2.5 as well. If he doesn't and he's still took the money, kinda a scumbag move.


    The quote, from the front page "When the amount of donations will reach 3000 $, I will release the T4 package under the same conditions."


    He earned above the specified amount.


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  12. Mirage still doesn't have this? I haven't flown it in a year or so.


    You'd have thought this would be implemented by now.


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