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  1. Dude you ROCK!!! Thanks so much!!!
  2. I think its the navy meritorious unit commendation ribon Navy_Meritorious_Unit_Commendation_ribbon.svg
  3. Yes this is one of the planes I worked on in the Navy!!
  4. Can some one do this paint scheme for VX-5
  5. I worked on these. Had a pilot tell me that they were limited to 2 revolutions in aleron roll or they would not be able to recover from it.
  6. I uninstalled it and re installed and still no joy. Dose the same thing as before.
  7. Yes I will try to un install and reinstall.
  8. Hi, I just downloadede this and tried to fly it at Nellis Free Flight and it didnt start me in the air in the cockpit. It was running in AI mode. So I tried to create a mission of my own and selected "player" in the mission munue and same thing happened. Any sugestions?
  9. How do I install this? and do I need all 3 of the files ?
  10. I worked on the A-6E Tram at VX-5 in 1982. AQnd they were carring the HARM then.
  11. Never mind. Restarted computer and its worlking now.
  12. Did an update this morrning and now when I try to start DCS I get the DCS logo and nothing else hapens. CTRL, ALT, DEL and it say DCS not responding. dcs.log
  13. I have a question. About how long till we see the A-6 in game? One year, Two years, 5 yaers 10 years.....? Just a "Ballpark" estament.
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