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  1. For me, in VR on latest release (same as Open Beta at the moment, both mouse wheel and click and drag only increase the rho/theta VAD values when using the VAD knob. I was fiddling with this during the first mission of the Red Flag campaign, had to spend half the mission heads-down scrolling to 1000 :( Is this bug still known and tracked?
  2. Thanks for your quick and extensive reply! The multi-crew plan sounds solid, and you are certainly doing a great job managing the community! Bedankt! Ook voor de rest van het Polychop team
  3. Hi Polychop, First of all, thanks for working on the Gazelle! I recently re-discovered it after having decided to wait until it is in a more finished state. I love the way the Gazelle looks and feels now, and am enjoying the campaign! But I would like to ask 2 things: is a rework/fix of multicrew functionality on your radar? What is the priority? I understand multiplayer synchronization is a difficult feature to implement properly, but it is the thing that would most increase my enjoyment of the Gazelle and that of some of my friends. I know it is not an easy task by any me
  4. Nice, looking forward to it!
  5. Thanks so much to the team for making this! Too bad we can't donate.. The video looks amazing, can't wait to fly the Scooter! I do have a question about the workaround for the cat launch: how does it work? Does your scooter have some extra thrust? Is this extra thrust only present in certain conditions (speed, altitude, wait on wheels,..) or only when on the carrier? Or is there just a hardcoded acceleration from standing still on a carrier? Hope this doesn't bother you but I would just like to know if other phases of flight are affected so I can take this into account when flying he
  6. Dear developers, I love the Mi-8 and am planning my controls setup for Vasilissa for my new (jet fighter) throttle unit. Included are a roller axis which I would like to use for sight angle elevation, and a mini-stick which I would like to use for aiming the landing light (search light). Could this be implemented in a future patch? I hope I'm posting this in the right sub-forum Regards, Big-foot
  7. Something changed recently, a lot of people are having this problem. You need to flip the right button on the starter panel with the orange safety guard to the right. I understand you don't look any further, it would be nice if someone could create a sticky for this: http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=168393[\url] http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=167754 http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=167147 http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=166693 http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=165209 http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=164813 EDIT: sniped
  8. Mirage 2000C landing at Nellis AFB - unedited, in-game shot - not even at the highest settings
  9. I would file a support ticket right now, that way you will get the fastest response from ED.
  10. Dear testers, mods and other virtual pilots. I'm sorry if this has already been reported, but I couldn't find it. In the settings -> special tab, the options for different cockpit mods were recently added. The problem is that, by default, the sim loads the first one, alphabetically, meaning that "Chinese" will be loaded by default instead of "Default" because the "C" comes before the "D" in the alphabet. I discovered this in the Su-27 and Mi-8, which come with Chinese cockpits. Obviously, the default selection should not be done alphabetically but it should be "Default". I h
  11. La langue française n'est pas ma langue maternellle, mais j'ai un petit diplôme ici qui pourrait me disqualifier peut-être: DELF (Diplôme d'Etudes en Langue Française) niveau B2 Alors, "un bel avion est un avion qui vole bien" ça veut dire: "a beautiful plane is a plane that flies well" @Harke: "on veut"
  12. I would like to join too! Always wanted to fly in a squad, been a lone DCS wolf for a long time now. Looks like this is my chance!
  13. Just to be sure: Is the collective axis bound to something else too?
  14. Wow! Great news!! You are doing great Razbam, congratulations to the whole team and especially CptSmiley! I really can't wait to fly this beauty now. Was putting off re-watching Les Chevaliers du Ciel not to get 'too hyped'. I just got too hyped :)
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