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  1. Maybe, said in the post Im not sure if it was disabled/removed from settings screen, almost 1.5 year not playing DCS, not sure if it was there before. The thing I know for sure is the graphics looks better with SSAO enabled, also not sure if the 'high' preset settings are the graphics I show in the video, it just feel strange for me, for sure I got better graphics with same rig 1.5 year ago.
  2. Yes, SSAO is Screen space ambient occlusion, its on the options.lua, not sure if is 'incompatible' but it works when enabled, just seems some bug/problem when zoom-in to cockpit panel
  3. Hi guys, after like 1.5 year out of DCS I got excited with recent modules (F/A 18, persian map and the F14 comming) to get back into it. So, I have installed it, set up all my 'normal' settings. I feel my graphics really bad, I really tried everything possible here, low/high presets, custom changes to files and etc, I never get graphics like I had 1.5 year ago and like those videos online. My rig is: Gigabyte G1 gaming GTX970, Intel I7 5820K, 16GB Ram, SSD. I really have no idea what more I can do to get decent graphics instead of those 'strange' graphics im getting, not sure it that 'high' preset graphis are real DCS high graphics. If it was running with real 'high' graphics for example at 1FPS I knew I should upgrade my rig. [sSAO/FOV BUG?] So, the first part of this post is about the SSAO, Im not sure if it is broken and was removed (I did search to know about this but found nothing), I know its not in the settings area, just at config file. The problem Im getting is when SSAO is active no matter if Im running 'high' settings or low settings the FPS drops hard when I zoom-in while in the cockpit (F1 camera), I didnt noticied before (noticied while recording the video), seems if I move the camera up (moving view outside the panel/gauges) the FPS increases a little. So, Im not sure if it have some bug/problem there, I want to run with SSAO because it looks better but FPS dropping to less than 10 must be some bug/problem. Please check the video, sorry for the bad editing, bad english and ignore the editor app watermark. Video [sECOND POST PART] The second part of this post is related to the mirage. I attached the images you can see some shadow at the cockpit glass, also some video ( ) which I asked the Spudknocker if he uses any MOD or the default DCS, he said he does not use any MOD . Here with the default DCS, I dont get the mirage cockpit with these shadows but if I use these MODs () I get these shadows. I dont get shadows in the cockpit like those below:
  4. OMG!!!! HAHAHHAHAHHHHAHA, :megalol: :lol: THANK YOU!!! Thanks everybody, but the trick is that HEIGHT config at terrain config files. I'm currently using 1500.00. Awesome, sadly needed to force disable anisotropic filtering at nvidia inspector to avoid black points shacking at ground texture but it didn't made bad results. Screens bellow, awesome, thank you again, I think configs like that should be public at some place, probably this config is one of others which can improve game graphics at high end computers.
  5. Hi guys, thanks for reply. I saw, video ground texture is awesome but this guy is using ATI which make comparison with my graphics card impossible. I tried, no results, new images bellow. Tried all possible options, no change related to ground texture, they still low quality. Heres some new images, these images are using settings at maximum, also nvidia is set to not touch game settings. Look ground texture at aircraft light, low resolution with just some meters ahead from aircraft. Ground texture bellow aircraft when landing are good but the ground textures ahead.
  6. Hi, can someone tell me if there is a way to increase the range to load high textures? The problem I see is when for example in low altitude or even landing, gound textures still blurried. I also dont know if this is normal behaviour.:cry: I'm also getting same exactly problem with FSX:SE, high textures only get loaded when getting near the ground or montain for example. I have a I7, GTX 970, 16GB DDR4, settings: I'm getting:
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