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  1. I think any new format needs some time before having people voting in such poll, there is always the initial resistance to change that will bias the results. Re-do the poll in one month or so. Not sure why the change was necessary, but it's always good to update every once in a while. The view of the subforums is much clearer than before, and I'm not concerned about the theme which is indeed a bit sad at the moment, I'm sure it can be customized with time, that's just cosmetics. It's nice to have the 'like' back, they were removed from the old forums at some point. Multi-quotes are ni
  2. Thanks for the info! I suppose it's possible to merge the fix with the new Lua file. But if the switches are still half a mess, I suppose the intent is to keep them that way, or it's not a priority and they'll do something about that in a few years, who knows. Either way, it's doing the patch all over again and maintaining it after each update, hoping it won't be necessary in the end. I've tried once and I know where it's leading... For now I'll focus on the other aircraft then.
  3. If anyone knows whether the same bug is in the new A-10C II too, could you please let me know? I assume they took the same cockpit Lua file and that it's there too.
  4. Thanks, but I think there is a misunderstanding. This bug had already been reported more than 4 years ago, and the fix provided (via Derelor, who also pinged it several times in the dev's bug tracking). So this bug must have been visible to the devs for a very long time. What I would like to understand is why they refused to integrate the patch, does ED prefer to keep it that way, or do they fear that changing now would cause an issue? And more importantly, do they want to keep back-compatibility with these incoherencies of the cockpit-mouse interactions with the new A-10C II? It was a s
  5. More than one month, and no reply from the team. A bit disappointed but not surprised, on my side I have reservations on the new A-10C then, since I have no idea whether those problems are taken into account. It's likely not the case but who knows...
  6. Similar to what I got. It's strange that we still get the sound in one view, but not in another one.
  7. I'm excited to see the new features in store for the A-10C II! Seeing there is a talk of that in the news, and also a mention of those bug squashing sessions you have at ED, it's the perfect time to ask if there is any chance you fix the cockpit switch interactions which are inconsistent and confusing on this otherwise wonderful module. Either on the new model, or on both, which would be fair. Since I've provided the fix 4.5 years ago and it takes a few minutes to integrate, I'm perplexed as to why you've always refused to do it. I'm talking about this, to clarify: https://www.digital
  8. +1 on that, those are great to improve the skills on A-10C, very thorough and interesting. It's definitely not for casual flying. (Don't confuse them with the more recent BFM campaigns from the same author, they have nothing in common.) Those, and the other great campaigns for the A-10C really make this module one of the best entry choice, IMHO I would even say the best by far. The fact it's being revamped could be a reason to hold off until it's released, though (that, and the terribly buggy mouse mapping of the cockpit switches...).
  9. That's pretty much all wrong. ED did make a poll and a recent change to have correct setup for the most used hardware. The default is changed to some extent, now (regarding the sensible part) when you have to remove POV, throttle, ailerons and so on on all devices because DCS deems appropriate to preset that on a rudder pedal, there's clearly an issue that can be quickly fixed by what seems to have been implemented already (just not taken into account for some reason). Once again, if for you it's not necessary, it may well be for other users (which seems to be the case here), so please d
  10. I think that problem has nothing to do with this one, I'm confused?
  11. Here's what he wrote, punctuation was missing around "then" and we have to suppose that the first part (I noticed that) refers to the temperature being higher, so what was reported before. With the punctuation: Anyway, just messing around but on purpose: that's why using the correct preposition "than" is recommended to avoid confusion :D
  12. But that would be normal for the temperature, to get lower in low power settings, no? ;)
  13. Perhaps the "Early Access" tag is not visible enough on the store page, it's an easy mistake for who is not used to it and too enthusiastic about buying the plane.
  14. It would be nice to see a list or a summary of the known issues and not-yet-implemented features, otherwise it's hard to know what to report :/ In any case, I haven't found that yet, have they posted something like that?
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