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  1. It will be released to the stable version once all the testing has been completed on the open beta. It’s usually a few weeks after an open beta patch before they update the Stable version.
  2. It hasn’t been released on stable yet. Only on the open beta.
  3. I am looking forward to your red flag campaign Bunyap. A lot of the reason I fly DCS was your on the range videos. I do have two questions for you. I don’t like the Viper very much, I’m a Hornet guy. Can I substitute the Viper for the Hornet in the ME and still be able to fly the missions (any specific Viper cockpit switch triggers)? Are you planing to make a similar campaign for the Hornet? I would love to see the differences in employment based off your docs. Any way, I am looking forward to the planning of the missions and seeing how I do. And great idea with
  4. I had this same issue, I was on the wrong part of the website. You need to make sure you’re signed in, not the issue I had, and go to the E-Shop, which was my issue. If you go to products - campaigns you won’t see the buy button.
  5. This isn’t correct, the Reagan and up have some different features. Mostly with the island.
  6. How can I tell if I have that line? I have the same issue. its the glow effect that is the issue
  7. I’m looking forward to it having the Truman. That was my very first duty station. Capt Groothousen was an amazing Skipper. “Keep your head on a swivel, and continue to give’m hell.”
  8. The pictures you supplied don’t show the shooter on the deck with the bubble up. The Shooter has a yellow jersey, yellow float coat, green cranial with orange stripes. He’s also an officer. The person in your photo is a safety observer who is enlisted, and wears a green jersey, yellow float coat, and green cranial with orange stripes. He isn’t the one that is commanding the launch of the aircraft, he’s just the safety observe on the deck. The shooter is in the bubble and not on the deck when the bubble is in use. The guy in the lower photo is setting the steam pressure needed for the catapu
  9. I remember we had to change half of ours at 97 because the hooks wouldn’t release. Mostly because the latch had caused the hook to have a divot in it so it wouldn’t release.
  10. Any word on if they will change the bubble when the shooter is on the deck or have the shooter replaced by the safety observer?
  11. I also had the same question too, no one from ED has answered. I’m about to bump it.
  12. So I have a question about the bubbles being up on the SC. We have the shooters on the deck and the bubble up in the SC at the moment. This would not be the case on the actual carrier. If the shooters are on the deck then the bubbles wouldn’t be used. As can be seen here If the bubble was being used then the shooter would be in the bubble and the guy on the deck would just be a safety observer (green jersey, green cranial, yellow float coat) as can be seen here: Is this a limitation for the SC or something that might get added later? Just honest curiosity.
  13. I have both, and I’m good with that. But if I had the choice of getting just the throttle, I would have done that. I didn’t need the stick I just didn’t have the option.
  14. So this jet has been in development for over five years. The reason I know this, is it was the only reason I got into DCS back in 2015. And from what I remember, it’s been that long so I’m a bit fuzzy on it, they stated that they had been developing it for about a year before that. So that’s six years. They also released photos of the A/G radar, 3years ago. Yet here we are still waiting. If it’s taking them this long, saying the Hornet is out of EA will only make those features take longer (Multi-crew, ATC, clouds, anyone?). Yes this is a complex jet, but ED themselves continues to shoot t
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