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  1. I am new in this kind of thing but i menage to do a setup for Su-33 on some my way... Problem is that my Spo 15 Beryoza isnt correct :( (dont showing correct information). Is there any update of it and if there is, where can i find it ??? TNX......
  2. Ha ha ha i step off from that hypocrite server long time ago.....
  3. Yea you are wright but.... One day before Red Flag i reboot my system. After installing FC i forgot to set up curves and saturation for rudder axis as i has before. But even then those slight turns should not break verticals. Point is to not do full twist of stick as i didn't do. So everyone who do even slight rudder turn will be instantly punished witch is sad....
  4. +1 I have X-52pro and my rudder is on stick. In the moment of breaking i didn't do full left twist of stick but just slight one because i was banking left. It is simple natural to do that slight twist because of angle of stick in my hand.... Esac.... ball was fully displaced to one side after first vertical was broken as you can see if you compare first and second video and then after that second vertical was off... Point of this is to not do full rudder but not rudder at all....
  5. =238.lbae=Gruja =238.lbae= Serbia Su-27
  6. When someone modeled missiles or anything else that can **** up Russian planes that is ok, but when someone (FOR SU-27!) modeled a simple switch that just like in reality serves to turn on or off G limiter that is cheat. A bit cynical isn't it?:music_whistling:
  7. The same thing happened to me several times but not in fight. It happened while i was flying towards the bulls eye or RTB, and every time i thought i was hit by some IC missile. I noticed that after each update SU-27 is getting worse and worse. Did someone doing that on purpоse or not, i do not know but i don't even think to change it, and fly F-15 or some other spaceship. People, it is not all that bad, there's no need to get upset about these things. DCS is not only aircraft combat simulator. That would not annoy me i stopped flying DCS and moved to another simulator and waiting for ED t
  8. I think i can smell some hypocrisy here :pain:.... SEAD is for realistic missions, but not for fairy tales :music_whistling:...
  9. =238.lbae=Gruja =238.lbae= Serbia Su27
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