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  1. Oh I see! thank you for the explanation because LoTR is not my thing
  2. I am just curious, what is it?
  3. Just holy smokes, wau. Thanks for the input.
  4. Hellou @BIGNEWY. Sorry for disturbing you but could we get a comment on this? IIRC we have evidence right here that it is not right in the game. Will we get corrected spool times with the FM update? Thanks
  5. Could you point us to it? Could not find it.
  6. I just hope it will get corrected with the new FM. If not then I would put it in the bug section. We have the evidence.
  7. @AvroLanc is right, here. I did a research on this in school and it works like he says.
  8. I noticed it when pointing the radar to a area which is full of units. I am talking like 10+ units. But I do not know if it is influenced by ground units also.
  9. Lel 3 years later and you still want it to be fixed. That's some persistency right there. I wish you luck.
  10. Yes I agree. I am not playing with the grey labels because of the immersion. But when they start to disappear under cockpit or behind clouds I will consider playing with them.
  11. So thank you @Flappie for the summary. I did some of the mentioned things at once. Here are some of the things I did: (I am borrowing your text @Smashy) Empty fxo, metashaders and DCS temp folders (done) Remove ReShade from DCS (done, clean and repair) Installing the latest Nvidia driver 466.27 (done) - this driver seems to work. Had GPU utilization problems with the 466.11 driver. I was previously on 465.89 Set V-sync to "application controlled" in NVIDIA options (done) - This seems to do the trick for me. Tried to turn it back on to my "Fast" setting (I do not l
  12. Not all switches are clickable and not all systems might be modeled properly like the Shkval. Nevertheless it is still fun and all the basic functions are there. But some of us are wanting to fly as realistically as it can get to real life and that takes all systems to be working properly. But as I can see (not read through all of it yet) we are getting a fantasy chopper.
  13. Finally some "English" news. For now we had only news in Russian section. Now with this screenshots it is official.
  14. May I ask if I should do the custom page file on the main C drive or on another drive where I have my game installed?
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