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  1. Here are the tracks. In track one the SH-60 is uncontrolled set to start engines just over one minute in, then take off. Once clear the Hornets go. As the Hornets go the Hawkeye is just in front of the island uncontrolled, it starts engines , goes to cat 2 and takes off. No issues at all. In track two I set the Hawkeye to take off from the runway. The sim put it on the cat just like the Hornets, specifically on cat 2. The SH-60 Takes off, the JBD goes up behind the Hornet on cat 3 (not behind the Hornet on cat 1 or the Hawkeye on cat 2) but no one takes off.. In t
  2. I'm experimenting with what I can get the AI to do together when spawning on the carrier using triggers to stagger the launches. The is no player controlled aircraft on deck yet. On deck waiting to launch : A rescue SH-60 that is spotted on the bow between the cats, uncontrolled and set to start engines when the carrier enters the trigger point two minutes after mission start. Sitting on the cats ready to go are two F-18's. Dash-1 is on cat 1, dash-2 is on cat 3 (that is where the sim put them) engines idling JBD's are down. They will not launch until after the helicopter take
  3. I see all of the other crew members on deck but there is no one standing at the LSO station.
  4. Ok so here is the plan.. I'm going to turn off my connection when I start DCS (so it can't update).. I'll fly a lot and make tracks.. If they continue to be accurate then I will image my Boot drive and the DCS drive (I gave it its own SSD). I'll have backups where I know everything worked. I will then turn on the connection and let updates go through,, then try to make a track. If it is messed up ,I will make an image of that DCS game.. I'll have versions of the game when tracks worked and when they did not. Then re-image the boot drive and the DCS drive with the image made
  5. How do I turn off the automatic updates? If my recorded tracks are working now maybe I should quit while I'm ahead.
  6. Ok, a few comments I'd like to make. The download for 2.5 was HUGE.. on a little 3 meg DSL (I live in farm country) it took two days. Although long it was smooth and DCS worked.. What I thought would be my biggest challenge turned out to be almost painless. I was previously a user of DCS 1.5. and I was expecting, (say it with me) to have to spend days reconfiguring my controls for every aircraft. Not just the controls but all of the work I did on the .LAU files so that my toggle switches on the Thrustmaster Warthog would work as before. Flip the switch on
  7. Ok so here's the deal. I jumped on the DCS bandwagon hard years ago. The P-51 brought me in. Since then whenever a World War Two bird was available I jumped on it.. Sometimes too soon, AKA the VMEO P-40 (nuff said there) Unfortunately things never turned out quite right.. Too many ideas,, too many intentions, too many versions of the sim. DCS 1.5, 2. whatever the day of the week or plan was working on, BETAS,,, for me it became clear as mud. So I dumped the whole thing from my puter. Well its been about a year or so since then and my wife reminded me that I had spent a l
  8. system specs and log Hope this is what all you need. Thrustmaster Warthog, Saitek combat pedals, and two Saitek switch panels. Logs.rar
  9. Since the latest patch I get a game crash while running a server and practicing with my friends. This is the crash report. Problem signature: Problem Event Name: APPCRASH Application Name: DCS.exe Application Version: Application Timestamp: 589c88e4 Fault Module Name: nvwgf2umx.dll Fault Module Version: Fault Module Timestamp: 589ceada Exception Code: c0000005 Exception Offset: 0000000000792a18 OS Version: 6.1.7601. Locale ID: 1033 Additional Information 1: 946c Additional Information 2: 946cdeff4a2550fa9a1177f1b
  10. Using the latest version of 1.5 I was watching my wing man make his landing with an external view and he ground looped, taking off a large chunk of his starboard wing. On my screen (not in his game) his landing gear folded up in the wings properly and his plane looked like it was floating above the ground. He taxied to the ramp and shut down with no rendered gear. I took off and intentionally ground looped my aircraft taking off my left wingtip and on his screen my landing gear retracted. Then we noticed that whenever you crash the P-51, ground loop or flip it (whatever) al
  11. I put together a mission where while me and my wingman are waiting for our engines to warm up we can watch a couple of other flights taxi and takeoff. It gives us something to look at. Take off is not a problem but when they return to land they come in the opposite direction from which they took off. I specifically assign each aircraft a spot to spawn in at start up and assign them that same parking spot to taxi back to after landing. They don't go where ordered. They start in the correct spot but after landing they don't park where I assigned them to park.
  12. A takeoff around the pattern to a full stop landing. I've changed my take off procedure. It is much like the 109, back on the stick with right aileron at initial run up as wind gets over the controls I ease off the aileron and back pressure. I'm quicker on the throttle up to get air on the rudder but not fast enough to torque roll the plane. I'm using more power on the take off. At first I was at boot 6 now I'm up to Boost 8 Youtube vid.
  13. I'm using a Warthog setup. I've used the "Axis Tune" to set all my controls the same way. For me this setup allows me fine control for gentle corrections but also gives me full control deflection when I need it with reasonable response time. It helps me to not over control and develop PIO (pilot induced oscillation).
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