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  1. [CBI] Wayan - KA-50 please :)
  2. No, there is no difference, i assume it is there for convinience. As the A10 is perfectly HOTAS inegrated, so you don't have to let go of the throttle for the A/P.
  3. Out of topic, a raid 1 nas holding your pictures is not a backup - it is the same situation than having them on your HDD. In the best case both raid members are not failing at the same time... Gesendet von meinem MI 8 mit Tapatalk
  4. [CBI] Wayan - a KA50 please buddy :)
  5. I tried on mobile data over phone and it worked... No success with local internet Gesendet von meinem MI 8 mit Tapatalk
  6. Same Prob here, repair did nothing, router restart/reconnect did nothing. I dont't see any server and I can't connect directly by IP -> Address unreachable
  7. Your shift key is broken ;) Gesendet von meinem MI 8 mit Tapatalk
  8. Hi, You can change the livery in the rearming menu. Go for radio - ground crew - rearm and refuel. Make sure the liveries are in the proper folder. Gesendet von meinem MI 8 mit Tapatalk
  9. Hi there, one lil question, does blue operate ammo trucks for rearming? greetz Wayan
  10. I do, that's why I think of the recent behavior of some people. But I think that is not part of a carrier discussion... Gesendet von meinem MI 8 mit Tapatalk
  11. Did I hit a nerve? Gesendet von meinem MI 8 mit Tapatalk
  12. No not in that way - I just want all the ragers to think about what ea and beta means. This thinking has been lost long ago. And of course does ED want customers to buy EA, but that doesn't change what EA means and what can happen.
  13. Thanks +1 Gesendet von meinem MI 8 mit Tapatalk
  14. I am just telling, if you have doubts or tend to lose confidence in a project, then don't go for ea. If your know what ea could bring with it and accept it, e.g. a little delay, then go for it. I hope now you got my point. Because as it said: as a full release (e.g. for stable version) and not in beta, THEN you are right with your points. Greetings Wayan Gesendet von meinem MI 8 mit Tapatalk
  15. Yeah, and that is because of people have forgotten what these terms mean! ea/beta/full, YES it matters! one or two decades ago that couldn't happen, there was no early access, with what a dev makes money for letting you in a maybe broken or buggy game early. People tend to say "it MUST be this and that", no, it's early access you opt in for, live with the consequences that may result out of the DESIGN of early access. And yes, you are right, in MY opinion, people have no grounds to lose confidence about an early access product, because they KNEW what early access can bring with it, it
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