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  1. Maybe this can be made optional for the servers or auto detected if SSE4.1 is available so the players/pilots can have the advantage of it.
  2. Yeah noticed this too. With little roll input nothing much happens but when slightly increasing the input the roll suddenly kicks in. Very different from other AC.
  3. Got this one today after maybe 30 minutes of flying. Running DCS unmodded. textures/dubai_objects.varyhouselod4.1.selfillumtexture @ mods/terrains/persiangulf/models/dubai_objects/dubai_objects.texture.zip
  4. Even tacview logs it's higher than that. Either way, is there a way we can change the default? Most people don't even get 120 fps on their sim rig, might be a little over the top to have a server tickrate that high.
  5. I'm looking at an average of 135.7 fps now, doesn't appear to be limited at 120 fps.
  6. Were the latest updates supposed to have this fix yet? I'm seeing an fps of roughly 80-120 depending on the mission but the max fps is set to 30 in the autoexec.cfg.
  7. Tested on Caucasus, PG and NTTR and the results are the same so it's not a map issue.
  8. Seeing quite a bit of increase in the dedicated server CPU usage (DCS core), it used to be 30-40% before the update and now it's like 85-100%. Anyone else seeing this?
  9. You can also try set a FOV in the viewport config in your monitor setup file. 1.0 is the default value >1.0 is FOV+/zoom out <1.0 is FOV-/zoom in This is what i'm using atm: Viewports = { Center = { x = 1080-250; y = 0; width = 2560+500; height = 1440; [color=Red] FOV = 1.30; [/color] aspect = 2.1944444444444444; }, }
  10. Maybe this was fixed in the meantime but this doesn't seem to work anymore. OB v2.5.4.28090
  11. You may wanna try https://fly.elise-ng.net/immersive-lcd-pro/ It used to have a trial period (after there were some free RC versions) so maybe give it a shot.
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