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  1. Don't know if this has been already reported but when uncaging and caging again the WMD-7 pod during night the MFD image becomes really really bright. Much brighter than it should be. Switching between IR/CCD mode while the pod is caged seems to fix the brightness but I don't think that's the correct behaviour Let me explain with in-sim pictures (NTTR map, 23:00h on June) 1. WMD-7 POD has just been turned on for the 1st time and is caged as default 2. WMD-7 is uncaged, default brightness settings. Switched to IR mode to show the pod is working (The issue happens both on IR and CCD modes) 3. I cage the WMD-7 pressing the corresponding MFD button and suddenly the screen becomes a blinding sun (As it's nighttime in-sim) Now if I switch between IR/CCD modes the brigthness goes back to what it should be (same as picture 1). If I uncage the WMD-7 the brightness goes back to normal too.
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