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  1. Nahò:ten kén:ton'? Onkwehonwehnéha satá:ti. Sa'nikonhraién:tas ken? Niá:wen.
  2. If I get a couple of skins for my favorite granfalloons, I'll be happy. Then I can wage war on the "other". Even if I don't I'll still be happy, because it's a helicopter and I get to fly it. A while back, I spent the money for actual helicopter controls. Ouch! But I'm kind of serious about my love of helicopters, so I consider it a worthwhile investment in the hobby. All DCS helicopters are automatic, high priority purchases for me. I expect that it won't be long after release before our talented community skin artists have set to work, and not
  3. It's not my fault! Wormtongue threw it down. I wouldn't have looked in it if he hadn't have thrown it down!
  4. I've just gazed into the palantir. Expect the Hind on May 28th.
  5. Airland info at Helisimmer. There's a link to everything that I know.
  6. I use the Pro Flight Trainer Puma with optional toe-brake mod and high resolution circuit board, and Oculus Rift S or HTC Vive Pro (I have both headsets). I like the three-way switch on the Puma collective, as it gives you three tiers of button assignments with the flick of a switch. It's a minor thing, but I also like the centering block for the cyclic. You don't have to eyeball center when calibrating. The anti-torque pedals are smooth and nice, and the whole Puma setup is well made, with attention to detail. The entire unit plugs into my PC with a single
  7. I've been playing the, "How close to the edge can I walk before the ground crumbles beneath my feet and I fall to my death?" game. But I didn't want to lose the pre-order discount, and the release of 2.7 spooked me. So I pre-ordered. Better safe than sorry.
  8. Attempting to communicate the real world reality of VRS around here is an exercise in futility. They've read books and seen YouTube videos. Thousands of hours of real world flight time and experience are no match for books and YouTube videos around here. I invite your attention to any of the DCS helicopter forums. I gaze in wonder at the pages, as people who have never flown a helicopter, and who don't even possess actual helicopter-style controls with which to fly the helicopters in the sim, pontificate on the fine points of rotary aviation and helicopter flight dynamics.
  9. Even though the BO-105 is not common or well known on this side of the planet, I'm aware of them and will definitely be purchasing this module as soon as it's released.
  10. I looked at mnemonic's work and the feedback, and it seems some folks have this problem. He mentions reprojection. That may be why I don't have this problem. I turn reprojection off (Disabled) with the Oculus Debug Tool then restart the Oculus Service through the Debug Tool interface because I get better frame rates and no stutters that way. If you can figure out how to turn off reprojection with an Index headset, you might want to try it. Doing it with the Oculus Rift S on my machine improved many things for me. Good luck!
  11. I have no problem flying in VR with either my Oculus Rift S or my Vive Pro, and I mostly fly the helicopters. I use some pretty high settings for what my machine is. I’m using an Intel i7 7700, mildly OCed, 16 GB of Corsair Vengeance RGB RAM, a GeForce GTX 1080G1 (Gigabyte factory OCed 1080), and a 5400 RPM HDD. Not exactly the latest, greatest powerhouse. My new PC has now arrived and I’m busy transferring everything over. The new one has an i9 10900K, 32 GB RAM, GeForce RTX 3070, and 1 TB SSD plus 6 TB 7200 RPM SATA 3. I expect things to get even better. Plus I have a
  12. I've been flying their sims for a very, very long time, long before DCS World. I haven't even launched DCS World in ages, I'm flying other sims. I own just about everything up until recently. Aircraft, terrain, all of it. But I didn't buy the F-14, MiG-19P, I-16, FW-190A8, nor will I buy the F-16C. I used to buy everything. Sometimes pre-order, sometimes shortly after release into early access, rarely later. But, I won't be buying anything else or even launching DCS World until they fix the Yak-52; LODs, ADF, and anything else it needs. And when they're done with that,
  13. Genius! Pure genius! I'd buy it instantly! Why, I could bomb the Shire! Those furry-footed little hobbit rats would never know what hit them! And as for Frodo, if he thought a Morgul blade was painful, just wait until I nail him and his little friends with an AGM-65! Muahahahaha! :pilotfly:
  14. Extra 300, eh? That's a fun airplane. I'd probably have to break dwon and purchase it. But not before I complained about it first. :D
  15. Hunter, Javelin, Buccaneer, Tornado. But I'd buy whatever they'd release.
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