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  1. I just finished trying out the new "AGM-65E" Mission (under Instant Action in the Caucuses Map) And I realize someone has reported the Oxygen cutting off and causing "Hypoxia" to our pilot "WHEN STARTING UP THE AIRCRAFT"...However this occurred to me in the instant action mission for the AGM-65E, as i was shutting down the aircraft's systems AND had the Canopy OPEN! This occurred after i had landed at Batumi and taxi'ed into a staging area near the main Airport-Terminal. I opened the Cockpit and began shutting things down... Then suddenly i recognized that my pilot's vision was beginning to ge
  2. TOTALLY second this post! very positive, and constructively worded! :pilotfly:
  3. Nice tip Pocketsized! i'll try that!
  4. So i just recently started learning the Viggen, (BTW, THANKS SO MUCH FOR THE TUTORIAL VIDEOS xxJohnxx! (im a recent subscriber but ive been watching your videos since you started making them, also thnks for the stability lesson on making DCS run smoother!) that being said, im having issues with the Viggen, when flying it, Just traveling in a straight line at about 250 feet off the ground, as i change speed, im constantly fighting the aircraft's urge to nose HARD into the ground, or if i speed up, im suddenly fighting its urge to climb VERTICAL, and i MEAN VERTICALLY at 90 degrees of pitch i
  5. turn your view to the right 90 degrees and on the wall of the cockpit under the canopy-seal is a row of "push button fuses" click on the "SYST/TRIM" Fuse once to pull it out and then again to pop it back in and that will allow you to start trimming up and down again... (At least it did for me!) (Credit goes to Renhanxue from his post above which taught me what to do when you cant advance due to the trimmer not moving.)
  6. I dunno what's up with mine, I cannot use the Trim nose-up or down, UNTIL after i pull open the breaker for the SYST/TRIM or whatever the breaker is called on the right hand wall, But after i landed i pressed F2 because i thought it was odd that my aircraft would trim out and suddenly start going DRASTICALLY nose down, or.... if i sped up, then it would drastically go nose up, and i would have to pull that breaker in mid flight while in the air all over again, .... Once i landed though i pressed F2, and noticed the left and right ailerons were twitching up and down rapidly and when my
  7. ok so two were the file type u talked about and two were .LUA's so the .LUA's i now remember those hav to be manually moved to my DCS Joystick folder for that aircraft, but where do i find that in windows 10? (i recently upgraded from windows 7 and only know windows 7 and i've been told that it's different for windows 10)
  8. Ahh i see thanks bud that might be the issue, i'll go try that and get back to yah!
  9. So im having a small issue with my new Thrustmaster Warthog HOTAS, (by the way if any of you are on the fence about the Thrustmaster Hog, or who have buddies who're on the fence about buying that stick it's price point has been lowered and you can even buy the stick and throttle separately now! But http://www.newegg.com has it for $399.00 and every few weeks they've been offering a free set of the newest Thrustmaster rudder-pedals as well, (right now the pedals are on offer for the TM 16000 stick instead but they keep swapping it back and forth to the warthog) Anyways as you can see i love thi
  10. BUMP *for any who still might need one of these* (because by now this post is buried at the bottom of the list posts)
  11. Just Stumbled on this, (NO I DIDNT MAKE THE TUTORIAL OR CREATE THE IDEA FOR THIS THING!), i just saw the link and thought someone could find it helpful! And although i didn't need one when i saw this i'm thinking about making one now!, ...And more importantly I'm certain there's plenty of guys with lower-end sticks who struggle to have to reach up to the keyboard, then feel around blindly for the right keys to be able to slew to targets Just to use the slew-controls on the A-10c or the Radar's and targeting Camera's of other aircraft! So here yah go! Do it yourselfer's too might like this for
  12. Youtuber/Army Employee/Science Enthusiast Getting to fly a T-38 american SuperSonic Trainer
  13. yah as far as i know i've checked that option, i'm getting that all of the profiles for each aircraft all have the zoom bound to the same thing, except i think the Mig-29G Which i queickly fixed, and still no change... But i appreciate your help for sure!
  14. Hi all!, As usual, Thanks for taking the time to read a post from another fan of this amazing Simulator we all love! that being said, i'd like to request and ask if anyone has any "pre-mapped" Device Profiles for the "F-5E Tiger" for my X-55 Rhino HOTAS/Flight-Stick... As i haven't played DCS in a few months and am finding myself a bit lost as to which buttons should be bound to what Hotas controls/buttons... and my second issue which i've been in contact with Tech support over at "Mad Catz" in regards to without much luck as of yet,: But have any of you who own(ed) the X-55
  15. yah so i found my only powered USB HUB, but unfortunately the power-cord i have i thought was for it ...was the wrong one, and upon plugging it in, i immediately could smell the electronics "starting to "Cook" the insides of the power-hub, so i unplugged it, and have resolved to just go to best-buy and get a new one on the first of the month when i get paid. *Sigh*
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