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  1. You have quite a few "file not found" errors. Since you've already tried a slow repair, it may mean the drive DCS is installed on has access issues. It could be caused by a faulty SATA cable, a faulty NVMe driver, or a faulty drive. You should considery a disk repair using Windows chkdsk.
  2. Good! Thanks for your feedback.
  3. Hi. Please attach the most recent Zip file you can find in your "Saved Games/DCS.../Logs" folder.
  4. Absolutely. I only noticed this issue after seeing a video from this thread. Now, I easily spot it during flights. The effect doesn't affect nearby clouds, one has to look a bit further. It is true it breaks immersion. Suddenly, you're not fighting the enemy anymore, only wondering how this bug "works". Anyway, it's reported. Wait and see.
  5. Yes, there are keybinds for that, but I don't remember which ones (something like RAlt +3 and RAlt + 4 ?). Look for "door" in the controls menu.
  6. @WarbossPetross Do you know you can already open the sliding doors?
  7. Ouch. Well, at least you found the source of your issue. Many thanks for your feedback. Fly safe!
  8. Great. If you want to retrieve your custom controls, you can copy them from DCS_backup/Config/Input, then paste them into /DCS.../Config/Input.
  9. Oh, I see! akaAgar is a friend. Before I report this issue, I need to know what exactly you want the ME to do when reading a .miz file containing a flight assigned with a "wrong" (according to DCS) mission? Let's use the F-15C CAS flight example. Should the ME: change the CAS mission to the default null one (how's it called? "Nothing"?) AND leave the loadout as it is? change the CAS mission to the default null one AND leave an empty loadout? something else? I'm away from my PC for a few weeks. Can you please manually edit an erroneous miz file ("F-15 CAS") to test case 1? Is the ME loadout page still stuck ? If so, what happens with case 2?
  10. Interesting... what software are you talking about exactly? Can you take a screenshot of it? To others having this bug: does that ring a bell? and if so, can you try this workaround as well?
  11. @Prometheus Thanks for your detailed feedback. I have a hard time understanding how it can work with the former folder, since it appears it was the source of your issue, but I'm glad you sorted it out. @Shogoun You should check your mission Easy Comms setting. Change it and see if it works.
  12. Flappie

    What is dat?

    Hi. This is probably happening because you have just created a forum account. You're not the first user to talk about this. I guess you'll soon be authorized to post in other sections, maybe after a fixed number of posts.
  13. Yes, and this was fixed internally for all MLRS.
  14. CTLD causes this. The issue is known and reported.
  15. I better understand what you ask for. You should have told this from the start. You should see how others do this. Take a look at the Briefing Room project.
  16. I'm Away From Keyboard for three weeks.

  17. This is now fixed internally. The fix will be in the next OB patch.
  18. This is now fixed internally. The fix will be in the next OB patch.
  19. Hi Milou, this feature already exists.
  20. You mean the spinning black artifacts above the cockpit happen less frequently than this multicolored bug on your PC?
  21. I've reported this issue, by the way, but tracks are needed so devs can have a chance to reproduce this bug.
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