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  1. Here's a rearranged process list. I don't suspect any green or bue process. So far, my main suspect is NVIDIA Share.
  2. Thanks. I'm working on your list. Can you please try disabling NVIDIA Share?
  3. Hi Brzl. Can you please attach your most recent crashlog. It's a zip file located in your "C:\Users\your-name\Saved Games\DCS...\Logs" folder.
  4. OK. I was asking because of this case. I need a list of your active processes. Here's how to create one.
  5. Talking about seeing, can you please attach a track showing this?
  6. No, I'm not out of ideas at all, not for now. I think and external process is messing with DCS. Are you using MSI Dragon Center? If so, do you have a Dragon Center profile for DCS?
  7. As you wish. One more thing: what is in your removable G:\ drive? It seems to be accessed permanently according to its graph. Can you try flying with your G:\ drive unplugged?
  8. Thank you. Your disks response times are OK (~2ms). Now: 1/ Try the same thing without ticking DCS.exe app (you'll get the full list), and see if another process is actively accessing your DCS files when stutters are here. 2/ Nothing? Then try the "CPU" tab and see who eats up all the CPU.
  9. Hello, I've just tested your track and I'm seeing exactly the same thing, even with MSAAx2 or MSAAx4.
  10. Thank you, but I needed the full Resource Manager window with file access times (just like here). Can you do another run and attach the entire screenshots? (don't forget to tick "dcs.exe" in the list)
  11. Hi Doc. Customizing DCS controls is actually quite simple, as long as you don't mess with the "Load profile" and "Save profile as". I've never used those, and I've never had any issue with controls in the last 9 years. Don't use anything else than what I show in the video below, and you'll be fine.
  12. Thank you very much for your detailed feedback, Rob. Enjoy the game.
  13. When you launch a simple Instant Action mission, does you keyboard work?
  14. Hi @M0RKILLZ. Your log shows the symptoms of a heavy slowdown, indeed: 2021-01-24 00:53:56.885 ERROR SOUND: render time = 0.133350s exceeded allowed slice of 0.022000s 2021-01-24 00:53:57.030 ERROR SOUND: render time = 0.051869s exceeded allowed slice of 0.020000s 2021-01-24 00:53:57.811 ERROR SOUND: render time = 0.057093s exceeded allowed slice of 0.022000s 2021-01-24 00:53:58.245 ERROR SOUND: render time = 0.099105s exceeded allowed slice of 0.010000s 2021-01-24 00:53:58.395 ERROR SOUND: render time = 0.069681s exceeded allowed slice of 0.022000s 2021-01-24 00:53:58.455
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