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  1. Use the "Gamma" slider to change the lighting (be aware this will also change the lighting of the cockpit).
  2. Hello. Here's a nice method to uninstall the free demo modules. (start at "step 4"). Now, let's work on your Esc key issue. Try renaming your "Saved Games\DCS" folder (or DCS.openbeta folder) as "DCS_backup", then start DCS (your settings and controls will then return to default - don't worry, this is just a test), and try to use the Esc key ingame. Does it work, now?
  3. Thank you. I see you have a 32 GB pagefile stored on an NVMe disk, which has 550 GB of free space, and DCS is stored on that same disk: there shouldn't be any bad file access timings. I'm still trying to figure out what caused the file access error messages. Maybe it's something with your antivirus. Please add these folders as exceptions in your antivirus: C:\Users\your-name\Saved Games\DCS.openbeta C:\dcsOpenBeta\
  4. Hi. Were you able to complete the update after it happened, or is the updater still stuck?
  5. Your dcs.log shows DCS had a tiny 2 GB pagefile (at least at startup). Once you modify your pagefile, DCS will see at least a 16 GB pagefile. It should greatly improve performance.
  6. Thank you. I see you have only one disk, and it's an NVMe one (=very fast) with 200 GB of free space (=more than enough) and an active pagefile of 13 GB max only. You might want to manually set your pagefile size like this: initial size: 16 GB max size: 32GB The attached zip is missing the dcs.log file. Can you please attach the lastest dcs.log found in the Logs folder? (it may simply show up as "dcs") Your W10 is not up-to-date by the way (November 2019).
  7. Actually, I was trying to help you with this issue of yours: Is it OK, now?
  8. Then you probably have a mod interfering.
  9. You're welcome. Thank you for your feedback. I hope the next update will squash this bug.
  10. Here's a fresh video I made flying a Huey and contacting FARP ATCs. It works from my end. Can you please attach a track showing your issue, or at least tell us which airfield you're trying to reach?
  11. @KiwiOzIt's highly probable you forgot to turn on the INU power switch (on your right, behind your shoulder).
  12. Oh, I see. You can't map any keyboard key to this command. I guess it's a feature, not a bug, since the field is greyed out.
  13. No issue for me with Nevada and Syria maps. Remember, you need to: set a frequency to your invisile FARP (default is null, unlike visible FARP default which is 127.5) set a callsign for your invisible FARP place a simple Humvee very close to the FARP (in a 100m radius) set your radio to the FARP frequency select the right radio Interestingly enough, FARP "Dallas" as set in the mission editor becomes "Dreamland" in Nevada, and "Adana" in Syria. Invisible_FARP_comms_NTTR.trk Invisible_FARP_comms_Syria.trk
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