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  1. 100% reproducible. Attached is the sound log from the same track (debug level = 2). FA-18C_no_second_hard_landing_sound.log
  2. This is a global DCS bug. Let's hope it will be fixed in the next update.
  3. 100% reproducible. Here's a video based on your first track.
  4. I've just done a quick test mission. I was able to hit an E-2D 9 times out of 20, which is very good for an air-to-ground weapon. It seems the sunlight affects the efficiency: only 2 hits out of 11 when the sun was on my nine o'clock, then 7 hits out of 9 when I was facing the sun. Good to know for the next time I face an unsuspecting Su-33!
  5. Thanks for your answer @Jediteo. I almost never use the Rb-75 for this purpose. I did it once in the official campaign at the time of the Rb-24/74 crash bug, and once yesterday because I had nothing else under my wings and a Su-33 was flying very low and very slow right in front of me. I will give it another go nonetheless. Maybe the aircraft was way too close to me.
  6. You're right: the issue is memory. Try manually setting your pagefile size to a minimum of 32 GB (the size of your RAM). First ensure you have enough room on the disk holding your pagefile. initial size : 32768 max size: 65536 (or 32768 if there's less than 120 GB of free space on your disk)
  7. OK, thanks for your feedback.
  8. Go to your new DCS installation, enter \bin\ folder, and launch DCS_updater.exe. Once in the game, you should now be able to install whatever you want. If it works, you'll have to edit your current DCS icon so it points to this executable file.
  9. Are you using any mod? I used to have this bug with Tacca's NVG mod. I had to disable it in the middle of 2020 because of this graphic bug. It was happening when a lasing was occuring.
  10. You're right, something is definitely wrong with the bird. It took me 7 AIM-9 hits to shoot down this F-117. armored_F-117.trk
  11. I've just tried shooting an aircraft with Rb-75 in multiplayer. I got a lock (twice) and fired (twice) but the missiles both went to the ground. I know the Rb-75 used to be an unrealistic terminator missile for a long time, but now it's the complete opposite. Is it on purpose that the Rb-75 cannot follow an aircraft anymore even if the aircraft is flying in a straight ligne?
  12. Does it mean the Hornet first shows a contact as red by default before the IFF interrogation is done?
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