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    Long time FS fan. DCS now my main Flight Sim after the conclusion of Storm of War on IL2-CLoD.
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  1. and a month later .....LOL ... 30 odd pilots ... excellent. We (54 Sqn) are getting the backsides in gear and flying the Sabre on server. We flew on Sunday as a 4 ship and Tuesday as a 7 ship (F86s) recently and got into some great battles up in the contrails with Mig drivers who knew what they were doing. It was great fun and we're hoping we'll be joining future events when we can. S!
  2. Also note that once the outer are dry and you switch to the inner external tanks, you'll need to occassionally scan your main fuel gauge (right lower) front panel to notice when the main fuselage tanks are starting to be used. When the needle starts to move off "30" (30 x 100 lbs) that indicates that the inner tanks are dry! S!
  3. Bumping this OP ... going full screen for the F10 rather than a scrollable/moveable popup window (replicating paper chart/pad display) in cockpit is horrible. Essentially, the F10 map windowed rather than full screen is my ask here please. The kneeboard works as an alternative but we'd need scrollable and zoomable funcationality on it. S!
  4. Bumping this thread. BigNewy, since Oct last, have you had any news you can share regarding this F86f sound issue. Thanks S!
  5. To the OP, the Sabre (being a favourite of yours already) is indeed a wonderful module to fly in DCS, simply just to take up for a patrol even. The F86f is that bridge between the older WW2 modules and the newer jets, such as the F5 that followed. It's respresentative of it's era and in truth, if you've flown the WW2 warbirds, there is a real sense of skill transfer here. With all steam gauge panels and hardware switches, there's a real nostalgia in the cockpit which more and more appreciate. With it's traditional foe, the Mig-15 also available, the only thing not provided is your "seat
  6. Thank you Nineline for pushing on this topic. I hope it is still alive. S! No.54 Joker from Repeating and Multi-Fire Weapons: By Gerald Prenderghast from TigerCheck: b ySteven A Fino
  7. Great news that the kneeboard is getting looked at. Resizing and moving the KB on the screen is fantastic PLEASE Keep the current toggle "on/off", "next page", "previous page" and "mark position" controls Consider developing the ability to magnify (zoom in/out) and move the map around within the kneeboard window with the mouse. This would mean no longer needing to use the F10 full screen which kills situation awareness instantly. The F10 is fantastic for mission prep prior to take off and briefing/de-briefing. However, in the air, the kneeboard should offer the functionality to move
  8. There is an elephant in this thread ... so to speak .... and that refers to how the attack is being proscuted on the enemy bombers. The OP hasn't explained how he attacked the JU-88 ( accepting that a 4 on 1 attack would have been superior numerically) Hose pipe firing techniques of the beloved AI aside!, I do no suggest any kinda of "but you attacked wrong" commentry above by the way ..... yet how an attack is proscuted is an important part of this topic so as to be clear and ensure all who read it, understand the actual scenario being discussed and why it is so important. DD_Fenrir, th
  9. Good call SoW admins. This is an important decision and one which will be a huge benefit to everyone who flies SoW. Slots have been maxed out over the last week or so (pre latest DCS WW2 patch issues) which shows the popularity and demand. Any room to up the slot count (you must already be at max-count already eh) ? S!
  10. In NAV mode, the HUD does display both Distance and Time to next steerpoint on the bottom right side. But that's about it.
  11. I will add a Thank You also ... The continued improvements and developments to the Viggen are simply fantastic and reinforce why you guys are leading the way in terms of aircraft development. S!
  12. Overall, really enjoying the missions on Server so far. Many thanks for running it Alpenwolf. quick check .... Are the waypoints, say in "When the Mountains cry' for example, just a general location by the lake or are they supposed to be already over the water towers, say at lake four for example? S!
  13. I am encouraged by NineLine's response in this thread and I look forward to the implementation of the solution by the engineering team at ED. It cannot be stated enough, that this is a critical path item for many who wish to fly without text labels on and try to recreate engagement scenarios with high fidelity and realism aspects. This is true for both the single player and multiplayer scenarios of course. The community built label mod (solely aimed at addressing the 'contact spotting' aspect) has been until now, a must have. It is especially critical flying in any dog-fighting type enga
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