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  1. My condolences to family and friends. Rest in peace.
  2. Sure, you can use it for single player. Not sure for multiplayer, there were some issues with sounds, don't know if that's still the case.
  3. I used one of the online text to morse generators (like this one). I still have that particular file, you'll find it attached. morse_n_n_d_2.zip
  4. Nice collection for EA. :thumbup:
  5. I liked the rep system and would be sad to see it go for good. Hope you'll re-implement it, with some modifications,like no comments.
  6. It's relative to you. I think you get bulls eye bearing only when you ask for picture, and it's clearly stated in the message. Blue AWACS only.
  7. I certainly wouldn't buy anything from them. :)
  8. In real life, A-10's UHF radio (AN/ARC-164) has the ability to simultaneously monitor guard frequency (243 MHz) and whichever frequency you select. Unfortunately this does not work in DCS, so you have to chose one or another. I haven't flown that campaign yet and don't know which of the two frequencies are better to monitor in this particular case. Hopefuly someone who does know will chime in. :) And hopefully ED will properly implement guard channel...
  9. RIP Gospadin... you will be missed.
  10. grunf


    That's pretty much what I had in mind too, only I'd expand it to the East to encompass entire Serbia.
  11. Decimal coordinates are already there, just cycle through with LAlt-Y.
  12. They can be found in controls menu, listed as General. You can export them as html, like this. :D edit: dropbox link probably doesn't work, this is how it's supposed to look like:
  13. grunf


    I'd move the map towards NW to include more of Croatia, Serbia and Bosnia, instead of Greece. Aviano base (North East Italy) would be nice to have too, since much of the NATO sorties came from there. That would probably require larger map than the one you proposed.
  14. The kneeboard worked fine in 1.5, but never in 2.x, it was always like this.
  15. +1 LAlt+Y. The change won't be visible until you move the mouse.
  16. 101 GB too, all maps, most mods. I used to have all three version, but now I have enough space for only one.
  17. One thing that comes to my mind is to use "time since flag". Set up your original trigger that displays the message to also set a flag X to 1. Set your trigger that ends the mission with the condition Time since flag X. didn't test it but it should work :)
  18. I don't think Go to waypoint works for ground units. https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=192989
  19. Works for me too. Except for abysmal exchange rate, there's nothing wrong with PayPal. :D
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