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  1. Since this issue appeared, I was flying only in Nevada, because for me it is mostly noticeable near the water. But even in Nevada I'm getting heavy flickering from sun reflecting on canopy. edit: I can reproduce it every time, a short track attached. flicker.trk
  2. The stable wasn't updated today as it was planned, should be this Friday. https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=3771414&postcount=17
  3. Thanks for the update! Mig-21 was always one of my favorite modules, so I'm glad you're continuing to work on it. As for the CE2, I bought it just out of curiosity, being the first biplane in DCS, and I'm glad I did, it's great little plane and a joy to fly! :thumbup: Keep up the good work!
  4. Works fine for me... RCtrl+Left/Right :)
  5. Same here. I even stopped it a few times thinking it froze, but it was just very slow. Eventually it made it.
  6. Hate to disappoint you, but today's patch removes the DOS window.
  7. AN/ARC-164 radio is capable to simultaneously monitor selected frequency/channel and emergency channel (aka guard, 243MHz) by turning the Function selector knob to "BOTH" position (manual, pg 132). However this feature does not work in F-5E.
  8. Install open beta or wait for it to be released for stable version.
  9. I think this thread should be moved to its proper subforum. :D
  10. Looks like it's AI only so far. It was scheduled for release on Jan 23th anyway.
  11. I hope not, that wouldn't make any sense if we can't fly it. In fact, I was hoping that the Hawk files would be deleted with the update that disabled it.
  12. In latest open beta Hawk is no longer in Module manager. I'll give Skate's updater UI a try, thanks.
  13. The Hawk is unfortunately no longer available, but it still sits in the hard drive, wasting space. How do I remove it? As far as I can see, there are Hawk folders in DCS World Open Beta/mods/aircraft/, and saved games/DCS.openbeta/config/input There's also a registry key. Is it safe to just delete these folders and key? Is there anything else I missed?
  14. Good news! This awesome module surely deserves a campaign. :thumbup:
  15. Good news! Best of luck, guys!
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