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  1. Maybe the snakeyes are bugged, but maybe we are expecting much higher accuracy than realistically possible. At 500kt level flight you'll miss the target by 50 ft if you're 60 miliseconds off the cue...
  2. EFM simply means it's done by 3rd party dev, not ED. It doesn't say anything about its quality or complexity.
  3. Did you assign Start Triggered action to the group? Little icon next to Payload :D
  4. Gameplay/F10 View Options affect both map and external view. This can also be set in mission editor options, which I think has precedence. Hidden on the map is different thing, it just hides units from mission editor map.
  5. Thanks for the videos, keep up the good work! :thumbup: Hold the microphone as close to your mouth as possible (not too close as you will induce distortion; experiment and see what works the best). If your recording software allows, set audio levels manualy, just keep it lower than -3dB.
  6. Yak-52 is a great plane to fly, it would be pity to leave it unfinished...
  7. Or neutral :D. Ideally, the stance should be set in editor.
  8. A couple of years ago I would, without hesitation, say MiG-21. For one reason or another, I don't have a strong favorite anymore, but for old times sake I'd say again Mig-21. :pilotfly:
  9. See if there's any difference in FPS when they are stationary on the ground.
  10. I like the way oxygen is implemented in F-5E, where the pilot will suffer hypoxia only if three conditions are met: high enough altitude, depressurized cockpit and no oxygen supply through the mask.
  11. Works fine with CH Pro throttle, thanks! :thumbup:
  12. Didn't help I'm afraid. It can still drill holes in the ground, with no apparent damage. :D
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