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  1. Yep, that would make mission kill a posibility. Imagine crew abandoning a damaged vehicle. :D Also I'm not sure how armor penetration currently works, it would be nice to have it properly modeled, with different kinds of warheads achieving different level of penetration depending of armor but also on hit angle (with possibility of ricocheting).
  2. A proper damage model with subsistems would be much better IMO. :D
  3. Head-on does work, tail does not, which I think is how it should be.
  4. Perhaps this? https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=233505
  5. Speed/heading info displayed at the bottom right corner of SA page is missing for friendly contracts without D/L. The info is correctly displayed while the contact is still unknown, it disappears after interrogation (shows /0.0). Short track attached. sa_speed_hdg_bug.trk
  6. Indeed, IFF should positively id only a friendly, based on response to interrogation.
  7. It would be nice if the AI pilot could follow the waypoints and do the mission set in the editor, just like regular AI planes can.
  8. ^ Yes, before they run out of fuel eject.
  9. That's not the latest version. Current openbeta is
  10. Lot 15 and newer Hornets have F404-GE-402 engines. That includes our Hornet, which is Lot 20.
  11. As already mentioned, press RCtrl+Enter to bring up the controls indicator, to see whether you're braking or not.
  12. If you check your calendar, you'll see that there are still three weeks until the deadline.
  13. You can, unless it is already on sale, like prepurchase discount. Unless I'm mistaken, there won't be a pre-purchase for MiG-19.
  14. Wish you guys a smooth release! :thumbup:
  15. Guard channel doesn't work anyway... Devs, hint :D
  16. The pilots probably saw this:
  17. There are much better fakes on youtube than this.
  18. I'll definitely buy it. It may not be the most popular aircraft, but for me it's very interesting turboprop COIN/light attack, well suited for Falkland map. Nice change of pace after all the fast jets. :D
  19. I keep my Crosswinds pressed against the wall, which works perfectly. Placed on the carpet without securing them, the pedals would be all over the place.
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