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  1. Thank you, for the info. I assume - in my case - this has nothing to do with the game build nor my hardware, but is rather a server-side authentification DRM/DLL hickup, not loading certain modules (which are 'free' right now, but I did not buy - hence do not own). Most modules still run flawlessly and performant as before. So far, F-16, F-14 and the Carrier module all don't work for me. Everything else is fine.
  2. I have a 'slim' Win10 SSD just for gaming. "Slim" meaning: only Windows 10 (latest 20H2 stable version) and drivers + VC++ runtimes etc. This 'gaming PC' runs literally over a thousand games (connected via different hard drives/partitions). DCS World OpenBeta has it's own SSD drive. Installed all modules the other day (owned Payware and not-owned promotional access modules). Verified cache. Repaired install. Everything clean and tidy. I played endless hours without issues on this hardware the last year or two (though on the 'stable' branch). The bigger was my surprise
  3. I just encountered this same issue. A workaround is not a patch. It is still there. This is the second training/tutorial mission. It is meant to teach (new!) players, how to operate the aircraft - not how to overcome insufficient programming or vague, casual orders. Every instructor's order for player execution has a keyboard command (/) (F8) ... "... and then switch positions" implies the user already knows how to do that. But s/he was never introduced to 'switching seats'. It is not stated anywhere. The devs just assume every new user knows that keyboard key 1 and 2 are
  4. I did not play DCS for a while. I do not remember the Axis (Analog) "Horizontal/Vertical Camera View" being blocked from letting users assign it to either left or right XBox ONE/360 Analog Stick. When did that happen? And - more importantly - ... why? There must be a reasoning behind it? Not everyone uses TrackIR or VR day and night, sitting in that "Simulator chair". Using the 'second' analog stick for 'looking around' is a well established 'way' of playing anything. Was there an explanation given? Anyone knows? PS: Please, Forum users, jumping on every thr
  5. Sorry, but this current "arrangement" is completely confusing for new users?! They go to the "Download/DCS World" page and all they see is "2.1 Early Access" and "1.5" ... none of those are explicitly mentioned in this Forum thread - if they even GET to find this forum page (clicking on the News article link). @USSR_Rik talks in his post about "1.5.8 Open Beta" and "2.2.0 Open Alpha" - none of them are on the actual Download page. You are shooting yourselves in the foot here, imho. New, people, who are interested and want to experience what they just saw on YouTube are going to giv
  6. I would really like to know when the pre-purchase discount is ending, so I can make some December/January wallet planning. I understand, modules are in development, fixed dates are nothing publishers/developers want to talk about, since customers will backfire on them, if they exceed these dates. But knowing until when the discount will last is not a lot to ask? After all, they will release a 'beta' version, not a finished product from one day to the next. I am currently in the buyer paralysis of "Either Mirage now or (Polychop-Sims) Gazelle, if it will be released before February".
  7. Sorry, not to crash this party, but that 'post your specs and framerate' is random and not representative of anything? That's why automated testing was invented and also integrated game analytics tools. Even if you have the same graphics card, different brand with different gpu clock times, gives you different results. Not to speak of OS, OS update version, services running, mainboard chips hardware hell, etc, etc... - so a few hw specs on a forum post says really nothing? Btw, if you want to see what's happening behind the scenes on YOUR hardware, DCS 2.0 shows video debug stats with ct
  8. Oh, thanks a lot! I DID catch an (alpha) updater message saying "copying files from OpenBeta" - so they ARE maybe doing some kind of 'smart' update, even though not the terrain assets. All good. [EDIT] Alpha Updater is definitely using files from Open Beta install. All modules are being copied over, before getting patched, for example. THAT was the thing, I was hoping for. No bandwidth wasted. You are a smart bunch, ED devs! :)
  9. Thank you guys, for the response. Does anyone know, if ED gave an explanation why 2.0 is a separate install? Why couldn't they/we just patch the 1.5.x version, instead downloading the same xx Gigabytes of asset files again? I patch Linux kernels for 20 years now on a daily basis. It's not that hard. ;)
  10. QUESTION: DO I HAVE TO UNAUTHORIZE MY MODULES FROM 1.5 BEFORE INSTALLING 2.0??? I am crawling the forums, to find and answer, but the amount is beyond comprehension or reasonable time vs life ratio. People discuss their bandwidth over 10s of pages. If anyone knows, thanks for telling me.
  11. Albatros, NTTR, Spitfire, Mirage ... now Gazelle (VERY impressive first look!)... in the future, F-14A/B, T-2, F-18 ... the Normandy map for WWII - you guys (incl. 3rd party devs/pubs) have NO mercy with my wallet. I cannot keep up, unless I move to DCS World full time. How affordable are those barracks in NTTR Nellis AFB? Is there any house there in "open Beta"?
  12. Is DCS World 1.5 using DirectX Hardware Tessellation for continuous LOD? Background: I made a video zooming the camera out from the airplane. It is still zooming out after 3 minutes! While I moved the camera, I accidently 'hit the ground' and for like a couple hundred milliseconds, I saw a treeline and detailed grass as if either the engine is NOT using LOD at all, or the graphics card is processing the data seemlessly from video memory. I want to accurately 'tag' the video. It is a quite spectacular effect, with no framerate fluctuation.
  13. Thanks, Pilot! Now I need to restrain myself from DDOS'ing that page, by F5'ing like I am Zuckerborg himself.
  14. Somebody tell me a story, so I stop starring at that updater.exe? Btw, is there a reliable source, to find out when the 1.5 is live? ED Twitter? Facebloke? Wall Street Journal Website?
  15. Windows 8.1 upgrade to Windows 10 = all DCS DRM/keys survived without de/re-activation. Win 10 is just like an ordinary kernel patch. Something GNU/Linux does every day... twice. Framerate is great. New Kernel Scheduler is smarter about balancing threads, it seems. Few framerate improvements. Those, not talked about, 'hidden' feature/updates are always worth switching OSes. You won't read about them on any tech website. Even Microsoft engineers are rarely talking about them. Nvidia/Windows drivers are ok. Some Monitor related features are lost (no more downsampling for me. 2nd graphi
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