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  1. *This morning I was able to get into this mission, but it crashed when I tried to load the PG landing IA straight after, so I'm going to try some other modules (I never fly anything other than the Tomcat) in case this is a DCS problem instead of an F-14 problem. I will repost if it's just the F-14*
  2. Thanks, appreciate the suggestion. I did try using the master reset and I even audibled in the emergency wing sweep handle but I still had no luck sadly, but I'm glad to have had another option to pursue. I think I have this figured out now, I think it's the effect of having the flaps down while overspeeding. Retracting the flaps once under 225 knots without attempting to sweep the wings first didn't allow the wings to sweep. However, if I slowed down to under 225 knots I could extend the flaps, try to sweep the wings and then retract the flaps, and the wings still swept no problem
  3. Oh ok awesome, thanks for the tip, I’ll try that! Much appreciated
  4. I think they would have been jammed before full retraction, I usually try to sweep to 68 degrees, observe that they haven’t moved and then look at them and realise the flaps are out. So I’d have to land with wings at 20 all the way... I guess that’s not so bad since they’d be like that from the downwind anyway. Thanks for replying
  5. Sometimes when I start one of the Instant Action landing missions I forget and leave the flap lever on my hotas in the 'down' position when I start the new mission. If I try to sweep the wings back while the flaps are extended, they won't sweep to 68 degrees after that, even after the flaps have been retracted. Does anyone know a way to make the wings sweep back in this situation?
  6. That's great, thanks Quid. I guess finding an F-14 publication to rival Gordon and Komissarov's texts is a tall order. I have seen the Gilchrist book around and I think I've seen The Great Book of Modern Warplanes around too, and thanks for giving me the year to make sure it's the right edition
  7. Can anyone suggest any reference-style books on the F-14? I have a few Tomcat books and I've seen a few more, but they are more like collections of anecdotes. These accounts are great for getting a feel for what it was like to develop, maintain and fly the 'Cat and they have plenty of information marbled through, but it's hard to know where to look for an answer to a question or a specific piece of information. I'd love to get an F-14 book something like the books Yefim Gordon wrote on red air, but anything in a reference style would be welcome. Books I already own: Gru
  8. I got mine fixed. Reinstalling all my modules seems to have done the trick for me this time around. FWIW when I was getting error 500s recently, syncing windows time with the time service and changing the setting for automatic time zones seemed to have solved it. Good luck.
  9. I hope someone can help, I have searched and found other topics relating to this, but I tried the remedies in those and had no luck. Whenever I try to get into the game (OpenBeta) I get an "authorization failed" message saying my modules will be unavailable. This has started immediately after downloading the most recent update this morning (EDIT: stable seems to be unaffected by this problem). I have tried: changing my password (please note I have not received any error for an invalid password), logging out and in and going offline and then online, flushing my DNS cache and turning
  10. You know, I read that news three times and managed to miss that second point. Much appreciated, sorry for wasting everyone’s time
  11. Glad to see ED giving plenty of notice about the end of Windows 7 support. I would like to know about what these people can expect once official support does end. Is it just that users will have to troubleshoot their own installs and refunds will not be payable for paid content that doesn't work properly, or should they anticipate the game not running properly in the near future? If problems running the game can be expected, are they likely to be game-breaking, and is there anything users can do to mitigate these issues (eg turning down particular settings)? I'm on Windows 10 so I'
  12. Zeph

    Hi Horns Just though t I would stop in and say Hello,  see how the flying is going : )


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    2. Zeph


      I have found some get a Little carried away and start to believe that they are actually in the Military and that kind Of takes the fun out of it so I figure someone who likes learning new things but not gonna put me in time Out if I get something wrong or miss a step. ROFL 


    3. Horns


      Oh man, yeah, people have to be able to see the funny side when stuff goes sideways. I think some of those guys probably wear flight suits while they play and make their family members address them by rank

    4. Zeph


      ROFL they go to the extreme.  i just like the thought of trying to learn something I would never get a chance to do in the real.


  13. Awesome, thanks for linking that TOViper, good explanation there :thumbup:
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