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  1. You know, I read that news three times and managed to miss that second point. Much appreciated, sorry for wasting everyone’s time
  2. Glad to see ED giving plenty of notice about the end of Windows 7 support. I would like to know about what these people can expect once official support does end. Is it just that users will have to troubleshoot their own installs and refunds will not be payable for paid content that doesn't work properly, or should they anticipate the game not running properly in the near future? If problems running the game can be expected, are they likely to be game-breaking, and is there anything users can do to mitigate these issues (eg turning down particular settings)? I'm on Windows 10 so I'
  3. Zeph

    Hi Horns Just though t I would stop in and say Hello,  see how the flying is going : )


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    2. Zeph


      I have found some get a Little carried away and start to believe that they are actually in the Military and that kind Of takes the fun out of it so I figure someone who likes learning new things but not gonna put me in time Out if I get something wrong or miss a step. ROFL 


    3. Horns


      Oh man, yeah, people have to be able to see the funny side when stuff goes sideways. I think some of those guys probably wear flight suits while they play and make their family members address them by rank

    4. Zeph


      ROFL they go to the extreme.  i just like the thought of trying to learn something I would never get a chance to do in the real.


  4. Awesome, thanks for linking that TOViper, good explanation there :thumbup:
  5. As above, it just will not let me check the box for it in the 'EX' tab. Never had any difficulty enabling before, no idea what might have caused the change, and everything else appears to be normal. Would love some help with this, ideally I'd prefer to avoid needing to think about the PTT switch while arguing with Jester about whether he sees the hostile at the position he just told me :P
  6. Thanks for replying, I hadn’t considered it might be changed because it needed improvement. Much appreciated
  7. I know the the FC3 aircraft don't have the Advanced Systems Modelling of the full fidelity modules. I'm curious about how faithful the -29's interaction with the main systems that are there (man-machine interface) are to the real deal. I know a lot of stuff won't be there, but I'm curious about things like whether I'd be able to use IRL -29 information to learn the radar modes it does have (ie I wouldn't mind if LTWS is completely omitted, but if it is included, would using it be something like it was on the real thing). I ask mainly because I see a few books and a manual available, and I w
  8. I'm not certain, but I think the F/A-18 sub arrived in 2015... EDIT: Could be 2017, but still...
  9. Could we please revert the thread title back to what it was and move this thread back to the general sub? The thread was asking if I was seeing the symbology as I should have, not requesting anything new be included. I like seeing our aircraft represented faithfully, whether that makes them easier or harder to use.
  10. Success! Thanks, believe it or not I skimmed to where I saw the 'Scan sector' command mentioned... on the very next page :doh: Much appreciated, fingers crossed something else in your day becomes inexplicably easier to balance this out
  11. Something strange seems to be going on, so I'll uninstall VA, Vaicom Pro etc, delete all related data and downloads and start again from fresh downloads, so at least we know I'm working with a blank slate and not getting sideways due to some earlier error.
  12. I don't have any 'VAICOM PRO AIRIO.vap' profile, the only one I have is 'VAICOM PRO FOR DCS WORLD', having downloaded and installed the latest versions of Vaicom Pro and AIRIO respectively. I searched my c: drive in case the AIRIO profile installed somewhere weird but it's not on there at all. Is there an alternative location I can source that from?
  13. Thanks, that explains it! Despite importing that profile again I don't have the 'scan sector' command under 'Extension packs', the list looks for me as the image shows. I'll add that command now, but just to be sure I'm not missing anything, could you please double click on that 'scan sector' command, click on 'Advanced' and select 'Execute an external plugin function'. In the window that opens, could you please confirm if the Plugin name is 'VAICOM PRO 2.5', the box next to 'Wait for the plugin function to finish before continuing' is ticked and the other fields in that box are blank, and if
  14. Hi hornblower793 :) It’s not in the VA ‘when I say’ commands, even after the finish and paste steps. Should it be in there or does it need to be added manually? Would you be able to talk me through the process of adding the ‘scan sector’ command start to finish please? I’m getting a little confused...
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