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  1. I've re-enabled VR and full screen mode to see if I can reproduce the issue and I can't :wallbash:
  2. I tried wiping out my options (actually I wiped my profile) and the issue returned. For some reason these "false starts" are not consistent and happen maybe 50% of the time. So far after disabling fullscreen I haven't been able to repro it, however it's odd to me that disabling full screen has no noticeable effect -- I'd assume it'd become windowed, which leaves me to believe something there isn't working? Anyway I've disabled VR as well as I'm not using it. I wish I had more data to provide on this issue.
  3. Same exact issue. I start up DCS, it displays the launcher, then maximizes and goes into a black screen. Happening even after a full reinstall of the game. CPU appears to be doing nothing. It's like the main menu loaded but I can't see it. Version:, Nvidia Drivers 445.87. Attached log. dcs.txt
  4. The Scenery Remove Objects -> Trees no longer works anymore as well.
  5. Took me a lot of troubleshooting back and forth to really understand what's happening. Issue: CCRP in PRS or SGL mode hits targets perfectly. In contrast, bombs released in RPL mode will result in bombs landing extremely short. It seems as if bombs in RPL mode are somehow not pulling elevation data properly from DTSAS. I say this because when I manually enter in my elevation data (switching off of DTS using the data rocker on my UFC) to match what's displayed on my TAD and TGP, the bombs in RPL mode hit perfectly. Version of DCS: Attached replays as examples.
  6. I'm still eagerly awaiting an update on this. I still cannot perform a CCRP release in level flight without the massive overshot. Razbam, can you please tell us whether or not this is a known issue? Thanks.
  7. Aeger

    CCRP bombs

    Overshooting with CCRP has been discussed here: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=183010 Appears to be an issue that has already been reported, still hoping for official acknowledgement.
  8. Yeah, I'm definitely not looking for PGM-like accuracy with CCRP (that would be disappointingly unrealistic), but at some point I'd like to see realistic or semi-realistic CEP with MK-82 employment (as opposed to consistently overshooting the target).
  9. I imagine these fixes are probably still pending due to the efforts to get the AV-8B operational (but don't take my word for it).
  10. This is absolutely fantastic... it'll add some great flavor and uniqueness to DCS. I feel like a kid waiting for Christmas all over again...
  11. Great thanks guys, much appreciated!!!
  12. It seems to be, as I cannot bomb otherwise without the bombs overshooting their targets. Basically my point is I cannot employ a payload in the traditional sense of CCRP (at level flight or in a climb) without consistently overshooting my target. I'm just wondering if this is a known issue and/or being looked at. Thanks!
  13. Thanks for the responses guys. Though, my confusion still remains as to why 30 degree dives and 15 degree releases are necessary to hit the target. My understanding of CCRP (albeit basic) is that you should be able to release in level fight and even in positive climb (e.g. even in toss bombing scenarios). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Toss_bombing Isn't the TAS supposed to use radar ranging to determine the slant range to the target and, now that you have distance, using velocity the ballistic computer can calculate the release point (e.g. distance/speed = time, in addition to taking
  14. Following the instructions of the manual (designating the target at no greater than 15 degrees and releasing in level flight), my MK-82's are way overshooting their targets. I've tried even placing the CCRP pipper a little short of the target and reducing speed without much improvement... Apparently designating the target with a much steeper dive angle and releasing in a partial dive (10-15) appears to be helping my issue with MK-82's overshooting, but I feel like this is compensation that shouldn't be necessary for CCRP delivery... See attached track for demonstration of the original is
  15. Thanks for the reply some1. Strange, given that I have full cloud cover (density set to 10). I guess clouds don't obscure moonlight, unless the brightness/color calibration for my monitor is off...
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