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  1. So do i, but now i miss goats. ED, pls pls pls ...
  2. Working here. Got my FPS back. Tanks. Edit : I really don't like this deferred shading thing. :D
  3. +1 I hope they keep this immersion level. Keep the good work guys. Goats next :)
  4. IMO this is relativity easy to implement. Add the fowling wingman radio commands : 1 .. Lights off - Tell Tell your Wing to Turn all lights off 2 .. Say Position - Ask your wing current position 3 .. Say Damage - Ask your wing aircraft damage 4 .. Say Status - What are your wingman doing now 5 .. Say Fuel - Ask your wingman about fuel level :book:
  5. Diferente ground units have diferente behaviors in diferente terrains type. In an tree environment units should be more protected, their movement should be slower, weapons rate of fire lower (if any) and their visibility reduced. If one had an easy way to find out if a Group is in a forest, it would be possible change their actions accordingly, improving our beloved sim and making one step closer to a better virtual reality simulator. :thumbup:
  6. With DS on i have less 20 FPS not using VR. :(
  7. Bump. Just because IMO UN stuff should be included by default.
  8. Being a noob at this script stuff here goes nothing :) : You shoud use GetVec2() or GetVec3() to 'extract' the coords from GetCoordinate(). Tank = SPAWN:New( "TestUnit") ZonePosition = ZONE:New( "Position" ) Koordinate = ZonePosition:GetCoordinate() TankCoords = Koordinate:GetVec2() Tank:SpawnFromVec2( TankCoords ) TankCoords.y = TankCoords.y + 100 TankCoords.x = TankCoords.x + 100 Tank:SpawnFromVec2( TankCoords )
  9. Thank you for replying. Sry for delayed feedback. Being kinda busy. Also too many mouse clicks/try and error editing lua scripts in DCS can sometimes be a PITA specially for newbies on this like me. This actually worked for AWACS ^^, but no luck with AFAC. Those are the freqs we can set on the hog and they all work in the ME. function SetTankersRadioFrequencies() -- 116,151 AM 30,76 FM 225,399 UHF AM -- Random freq for tanker texano freq1 = math.random ( 225,397 ) Tanker1 = UNIT:FindByName("Texaco") Tanker1Radio = Tanker1:GetRadio() Tanker1Radio:SetModulation(radio.modulation.A
  10. I am not a programmer. But still, i am trying a way to create random radio frequencies. This seems to work fine with the tanker, but can't make it work with AFAC. Is there a better way to do it? or is it even possible? Tks in adv. local st = SCHEDULER:New( nil, function() -- 116,151 AM 225,399 AM UHF 30,76 FM -- Random freq for tanker freq1 = math.random ( 116,151 ) Tanker1 = UNIT:FindByName("Pilot #002") Tanker1Radio = Tanker1:GetRadio() Tanker1Radio:SetFrequency(freq1) Tanker1Radio:SetModulation(radio.modulation.AM) OutFreq1 = 'Tanker radio frequency is ' .. tostring(freq1) .. '
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