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  1. Hello ChillNG. Thanks a lot for your response. I can confirm that I got below the clouds in WP5 if I'm not mistaken, after a call from one JTAC that had contacts to the west of a town that I can recall the name now, and there were several manpads, AAA, infantry and truks. After that, got back to 15000 ft (baro) and got that noisy call in the VHF FM radio. I was flying for several minutes but could not find it (no clue on the VHF FM ADF). So, I see the search radio zone is north-east of WP 11, correct? Cheers!
  2. Hello Guys. I'm currently on this amazing campaing. I'm stuck in mission 11, Scud alley, and I can not find the JTAC. I get the VHF FM radio homming, but bars in ADI do not move. I kept flying from several miles around WP11 (SEARCH 9) and no luck. What am I missing here?
  3. Hello guys. Very frustating bug. Happened four of five times in both Hornet and Tank Killer. After finishing a mission in Campaing, click on "END MISSION" button and nothing happen. Only options that work are fly again and close, which throw the mission done away.
  4. I don't know ifthis still must be addressed on 2.7 for some modules. I did some night runs in the gulf with the A-10C II and for example, it was really really difficult to see objects in the terrain with the NVG. Trying a cannon run, it was not possible to see objects in the ground, even with the NVG gain almost at max and HUD bright almost at minimum. So far, 2.7 has been great during day light operations. Sunset and night, I this it's a step back compared to 2.5.
  5. Hello guys. I was re-making last night mission 6, “A BLOODY NIGHTCAP” of The Serpent's Head 2 with the addition of Supercarrier and something really odd was going on with the ilumination. The entire plane was really shinning. Externally there was like a glow coming out of it that even made difficult looking for references in the dark terrain below. Internally, even if it was a full-moon clear-skyes night, there was no need to turn internal lights on. Besides, water was to shiny, like iluminated by sunset except it was 0200 LT. Also, take a look on how the fleet could be seen.
  6. You are so right. Before discover it (my bad), shooting rockets was hell!
  7. Great raptor9! I've tried to twist several parameters in PVI800 but nothing happend, so kept going with the trimmer and non navigational point selected (or DH/DT in neutral). And call me stupid, but discovered that the flight director is AMAZING in combat to make amazing maneuvers and for landing too. It makes the chopper very very easy to flight and really stable and it works amazingly with the trimmer.
  8. Good... so I'm not that bad looking for topics in the forum. Thanks a lot guys, you're really quick to give answers!
  9. Thanks kingpinda. I'm currently using that king of "manual" direction heading for the autopilot, but maybe there was the option using DH/DTA pointers in the HSI to make helicopter to change directions, just like the autopilot in commercial flight (FSX, for example). Anyway, just a silly thing... Thanks for your reply!
  10. System requirements for DCS world 2.0 Hey guys, Maybe this is an stupid question :D I couldn't find the answer... are the system requirements for World 2.0 going to be the same as the current DCS World version? Thanks!!
  11. Good afternnon. I've been trying to guide the shark using DH and/or DTA pointers in the HSI (I guess would be de DA pointer). I've read that setting DH/DTA switch to manual, you can do it... but couln't make it work. As soon as I set it to manual, can not engage autopilot. I see it very useful as a "manual" autopilot to make direction changes though the DA and/or DTA pointers when flying though mountains and leaving some control to de autopilot or on very long trips with no preloaded routes. Should I make some configuration in the PVI-800? Regards and thanks for all the knowledge you le
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