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  1. Not really.. You dont get better range with a narrow scan IRL. You get more chances to 'roll the dice' as it were. This is a misconception that I've heard real pilots say as well. Unlike DCS, which has a black and white detection range, real life targets have a constantly fluctuating RCS. Depending on moment to moment geometries that light follows, the detection range against a target will too fluctuate. Typically the range provided by the manufacturer is the 50% probability of detection (Pd) aginst a Xm2 target. (ie the average detection range against an
  2. Max range would be with HPRF. HPRF waveforms don't use pulse compression. MPRF waveforms do, but not HPRF. HPRF waveforms of this era use a three stage FMR. ------------------------------------------------------ HPRF integration time per FMR stage is likely equal to: 3dB antenna beam width / (antenna scan in degrees/sec) / 3 This formula maximizes the integration time whilst being about to illuminate a single target with 3 separate waveforms (3 stage FMR) Each FMR stage being its own integration period.
  3. I know how to add them to the A-10, thanks to looking through the famous RAE mod.. But i dont think its possible to use the same technique to add them to the F-16 yet. Couldnt add them to the viggen, bc it doesnt pull from premade audio files. Viggen uses some ancient CPU hex code to generate tones in real time. This reduces file size, but really limits what you can do with the tones (limited to a few tones, limited to sine waves, nothing over 7khz, no complex PRFs, no embedded sidelobe or AM) F-5 would be a great module to add my tones to, but the C++ code under the h
  4. realistic audio can be made.. You just need someone who understands Radar theory.. Below is a highly authentic Radar tone I made of an APQ-153, using the radar's parameters found online via an NASA document. I've also made 'generic' tones (where the specific radar parameters are unavailable) using my extensive knowledge of radar waveforms and modulation types (MPRF dwell and switching, LPRF Jitters, etc). In the post below was me describing some issues with the Viggen's RWR sounds. But at the bottom I show a generic MPRF tone I made for the Mirage 2000
  5. I made a post in this thread a few weeks ago about the Az/El page missing some features. It appears my post was removed. Im curious if ED can confirm if the Az/El page will receive additional data, such as RWR, Jammers and Datalink in a future update? Thanks
  6. Fancy clouds are great, but EW simulation is the next real step to improving the sim and would distinguish it well above other flight sim competitors.
  7. GMT/SEA interleaved with RBGM (ground mapping) looks to have an issue. Theyre correct in that the mode changes with each scan.. (ie scan right = GMT, scan left = Mapping) But the data shouldn't be erased when the mode switches. For instance, the map data should be frozen in the background when the GMT sweep is happening (not erased); and then updated when the mapping sweep occurs.
  8. FYI, I dont search for threads with "beamscanner" in it. So i just now saw this. There's a bunch of stuff getting tossed around that isn't completely accurate to your question. - The AWG-9 was an analog pulse doppler radar. No FFTs (or DFTs) were performed. - Physical band pass filters were used for doppler binning. These were tuned circuits made of inductors and capacitors. A lot of these were needed to account for all closing velocity scenarios. - Band reject filters were used for notching out zero doppler (altitude line) and the main beam clutter return (this likely would have
  9. Will the ALR-69 be updated in the Tank Killer module? -Improved IP-1310 display? Needs some depth and a CRT effect (like the updated DDIs in the Hornet) -RWR PRF audio library? Like what's being developed for the F-16C. -Improved detection logic?
  10. In addition to TWS AUTO and MAN scan centering(both of which are in OB), BIAS scan centering exists. In Bias Scan Centering the pilot can adjust the scan center and antenna tilt with the HOTAS (just like MAN mode), but if a L&S / DT2 exist the scan movement is limited so that the L&S / DT2 cannot leave the scan. EDIT: Bias scan is in the sim, but it does not keep the L&S in the scan.
  11. Please add these to the list: TWS Hits: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=285300 Bias Scan Centering: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?p=4478456#post4478456
  12. The TWS "Hits" option should display "raw hit" target symbols on the radar display when the radar operating mode is TWS. The raw hit symbols are displayed at a lower intensity level than track file symbols at the same selected target aging. Currently in DCS, Hits only shows raw hits for targets beyond the maximum 10 track files.
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