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  1. Like so many others, I had been living with the stiction (static friction) issue with the Thrustmaster TWCS. Small, slow movements were very jerky. After watching youtube videos and reading reviews and how-to's on Nyogel 767A, I took the plunge and bought a tube. As per community instructions, I took the throttle back plate off and carefully and methodically cleaned all of the factory lube off the rails and slide, POT swing arm, and friction pads. I then took a small amount of Nyogel and applied it to all of these areas, being diligent about trying to spread it evenly around the c
  2. Hello all, I just updated to DCS, and I'm noticing an odd effect when in the menus before loading a flight. The bright areas of the screen (fonts, highlights on graphics, etc) have a random, subtle flicker/flash/quiver going on. I've tried Alt-Tab'ing, disabling MSAA, verifying cache (steam version), all of the normal things, etc. No change in effect. I have several other simulators and games, and none of them do anything like this. This didnt happen with the previous stable version. Any ideas? Its quite distracting. I have a i7-10750 CPU, RTX 2060 6Ggb GPU, 16gb DDR4 ra
  3. Thanks Gary! It's funny....it's just one of those things that stuck in my mind from seeing Tomcats at airshows; the slight droop of the the stabs. I immediately noticed it missing when I first saw the HB Cat.
  4. Very good detective work, FWind! :thumbup: 3.5 degrees anhedral sounds and looks right! I sure hope that Heatblur has a chance to correct the model. It might be subtle, but it's very distinctively "Tomcat" geometry. Granted, I'm no DCS aircraft maker, but it seems like it would be pretty easy to fix.
  5. That's a good idea. I tried to match the zoom and angle of some of these photos...and they're not perfect, but I think they still illustrate the problem.
  6. The real F-14 had a few degrees on anhedral (downward cant) on its horizontal stabilators. I have read this was done to increase control authority. The stabilator should match the slight anhedral of the wing when the wing is fully swept back, and almost (but not quite) makes a right angle when measured against its respective vertical tail. The Heatblur model does not appear to have this modelled correctly. Here are some great examples showing this: I have seen many 3-view drawings, models, and renderings that were done incorrectly based off of an illusion when lo
  7. Thank you Frank! Got it working. I'm a little embarrassed. I didnt realize I had to manually tune the radio to 264.000Mhz. I guess I assumed it was automatically tuning because I heard the Marshall calls. Also, coming from the Alerax LSO script, which does simulate this. Oops. I also added the same relay aircraft as in the demo mission to all of mine. The only thing I'm still a bit confused about is oftentimes, when in the pattern (downwind, base turns) I get an audio only call saying "you're high" or "you're low", but it almost never matches up with reality. For example, on the last
  8. Hello everyone, So, a little background first. Im not interested in the DCS Supercarrier, mostly due to performance concerns, so I was using Alerax's LSO AI Script for quite some time, but the most recent 2.5.6 update broke it. Seems the author of that has disappeared (tried contacting via PM, then noticed he hasnt been online in quite some time). No idea whats wrong with it, it just throws error messages. So, I thought I'd dive in and learn MOOSE and the Airboss scripting. I've been reading all I can and watching tutorial videos, including https://flightcontrol-master.github.io/MOOSE_DO
  9. Well, I've done all I can to try to get this working again. I have no idea what's wrong. I've contacted the author, and so far no response. Seems like we might be out of luck for now.
  10. Same here. 2.5.6 stable update this past week broke the script. Every time the LSO script audio comes in, I get error messages.
  11. I feel the same way! Well said. Even for $80, for what we get, it's absolutely fair. And I'm not saying I think this is a cheap hobby, either. $80 is a lot of money, but I definitely feel it's well worth it. And when on sale for 20 or 50% off, it's truly an absolute steal. This EA business model is frustrating at times, for sure, but for the most part they dont release updates that critically damage the module or make it unplayable. That's the key. No software will ever be bug free - it only because a true problem when serious bugs make it into the release. But, all that said, I'd still mu
  12. Noticed tonight that with the speedbrakes extended, the underwing stores clip into the control surfaces as they're deflected. This wouldnt happen in actual flying too often, but I'm guessing there should be a limiter?
  13. I concur there's an issue with the spool time. It's a little longer than it should be (6-7 sec, when it should be 3-5 sec), and this is according to Hornet pilots, NATOPS, and real life videos. No wonder it's so hard to trap on the boat. Here's an interesting video. Engine test, and then the pilot brings both throttles back to idle, and then immediately full burner. Takes 3.58 seconds for the right engine to get to full AB, probably because it was still spooled up from the test. And 5.54 for the left engine, which was truly at idle.
  14. Sorry, danidr, just saw you had asked me a question in your previous post. But it's interesting and hopefully a lead for ED, if they're investigating since we've heard nothing but crickets on this. Full screen definitely makes the gameplay more choppy for me as well.
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