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  1. I noticed that after last update the IR suppressors are on all Hinds that I spawn into in multiplayer, what dictates if they are on or not? Is it purely through mission editor?
  2. Ha, I was just thinking about the same thing today. I've got the template but I think its beyond my skill to make one.
  3. I've had the same issue, GBU 12 isnt selected on the weapon station, even when asking Jester or doing it from the RIO position
  4. They should do this to all their modules at some point. This free weekend was great getting to test the F18 and checking out the persian gulf terrain. Even though the $90usd is pretty steep for the bundle its highly likely i'll buy it.
  5. I'm loving the F18 as well, I don't spend as much time in the sim as I would like and the other modules like the Viggen never grew on me, probably cause its just too swedish. The F18 however is an absolute blast, I'm really into it.I thought I stuffed up a Case1 landing today and missed the wires and found i got a perfect number 3. love it. Purchase in bound for sure.
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