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  1. NWS automatically turns off at 40 KTS
  2. Buy now and get 20% off, or wait until a sale a couple of weeks later and get it cheaper still, just like NTTR and the M2000. Pass!
  3. Thats why, use the UFC to select GBU12s or if you have it set up on your HOTAS, DMS left or right to select the stores, then drop. I had exactly the same issue as you, then someone told me to do it the way I've described and it worked.
  4. You missed press the EGI swicth on the panel at the bottom, just behind the stick. Press that after pressing the NAV OSB next to your MFCD.
  5. Delete the green DCS icon, its no longer used. Start DCS from the normal silver icon and navigate to multiplayer there.
  6. Well its 8PM UK time, so thats 9PM I believe.
  7. Its not while tonight to us Europeans.
  8. Thats how its looked for a while, that is quite correct.
  9. Tirer- shoot From Middle French tirer (“to draw, draw a sword”), from Old French tirer (“to draw, pull out with great effort, snatch violently, tear away”)
  10. Im utterly in love with it, and Im a dyed in the wool mud mover who used to refuse to fly anything other than the A10. Every patch something new is added, something fiddle with and improved and something polished etc. Its also proving very easy to learn, as you arent sat there over faced with systems, dials and buttons right from the get go. By that I mean Im managing to learn it easier as it seems like every update a new system is added or improved upon, as I said, so its a case of learning something new each time if you get me. You get to work with a system and learn its ins and outs, the
  11. Its the multiplayer chat icon, getting rid of it means you will not see any chat messages when on a server with others.
  12. Doesnt look like it has a 2 stage trigger, if it did that would prompt me to buy asap.
  13. Engine RPM wont go past 100%, it goes to 100% You can tell the afterburner is lit by the notification in red in the warning lights panel Watch from here and you can see what happens mate.
  14. Are you making sure you have pressed lock twice, if you only press lock once then you are in TWS mode and the missile wont home, you have to press lock twice and go into STT, then you can launch when you're in range.
  15. Unlike Phoenix Squadron the book Vulcan 607 does have plenty of detail relating to the actual mission, plus its run up and planning etc. I was also disappointed with Phoenix Squadron, but highly enjoyed Vulcan 607.
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