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  1. I was having major issues with graphics after an untimely software update, so uninstalled and reinstalled DCS today. Everything is great again, except the HUD. I'm set up for a resolution of 5760x1080 in nvidia surround. When in game, if I run the video settings at that resolution as "1 screen", I get a very blurry HUD. If I change it to "3 screens", it's normal (see screenshots below- "monitors" dropdown). Is there any way to get the display looking correct when set to "1 screen"?
  2. Noticed PAL not working today, talked to another person who said they were having the same issue a day or two ago. Dunno if related, or if already reported.
  3. I was flying the lead Tomcat, RIO in the trailer took the shot.
  4. A group of us were running BFM practice tonight, 2 Tomcat / 2 Hornets per side. 3 Tomcats broke their wings performing maneuvers that have been fine to this point. Has something been changed affecting how weak the wings are now?
  5. Just started using the TM Warthog and TrackIR. Since I started using them, I'll get random zoom in events with the cockpit. Anyone have an idea of why this is happening? :joystick:
  6. First time getting online, and first formation with someone in DCS.
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