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  1. Try this one: https://discord.com/invite/cj6Ee3v
  2. Hi everyone, Twice a year, The State opens up its doors to pilots looking for a new milsim group to join. We wanted to take a minute to give you a quick run-down on who we are and what we offer, compared to other groups. The State aligns to a military simulation experience. We keep a very good, 24/7, OVH server up with dynamic missions, updated on a daily basis throughout deployment and our fleet readiness exercises. We provide custom skins for our squadrons, respective to the period we are simulating with our graphics, and if you are a full-time, line pilot, we put your name
  3. This wasn't a mod. It was a bug that was hotfixed.
  4. Any updates? The TGP is very hard to use at night because the contrast is so much worse than it was before the changes made to the pod.
  5. Yes, I tank daily in my squadron during our ops. It's never been modeled, so we don't bother with the procedure anymore to save time. Hopefully it comes in one day.
  6. 4 minutes IRL, but that pressurization stuff isn't modeled in DCS. You can just fill them up instantly.
  7. I had seen that. Was wondering if anyone had any up to date experience with it. I'm very tempted to purchase them.
  8. Has anyone used this product or have any information as to how well it works in DCS? https://www.sensoryx.com/products/vrfree/
  9. This has been an issue ever since the TGP update. It's sad, but I actually miss the old TGP at this point because it wasn't nearly as buggy and was a whole lot more visible.
  10. This .trk shows that there is a STPT entered as default. That's not the issue here.
  11. But that's just it - that behavior is inconsistent. Sometimes it's not necessary to slew with the HUD as SOI and the system works perfectly. It's been awhile since I've played that other simulator, but I believe it's incorrect that we need to move it with HUD as SOI.
  12. Accidentally posted this thread in the wrong location.
  13. Sometimes the TGP works great and you can employ a CCRP drop perfectly. Othertimes, the bomb fall line on the hud only indicates to the original steerpoint, and not the new updated location in the TGP. This leads to drops that don't do anything. .trk uploaded here as it's too large for the forum: https://www.filehosting.org/file/details/893678/The%20State%20Workups%20NTTR%2020-2-20200910-170814.trk
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