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  1. Hi everyone....i've a problem, don't know why with training missions.... I view it wrong.....because when the track starts moving cursor, the whole screen moves, then i can't view it correctly, i don't see targets that the training is locking on, etc.... Does someone know how to fix it? Thanks!
  2. Hi everyone...i've a problem, when i hide something and if i wanna see it again to fix some details i can't do it....is there any ways to see hidden objects on mission editor? Thanks
  3. Hi, anyone have a manual or something where i can learn how to do an instrumental landing on american aircrafts? Thanks a lot!
  4. but the manual comes with FC and i have lomac
  5. Hi, i'm from Argentina...i'm here because i have a problem with locked missiles on enemy targets... When i lock on a AIM120 or another missile like AIM9, and i press SPACEBAR to shot, missiles are not launched but the cannon start firing....someone can help me? I don't know why locked missiles are not launched when i press spacebar but the cannon yes. Thanks a lot, sorry for my english :D
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