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  1. it is really strange why the VSN mods will affect the F14A in this way ??? they were installed in /Saved Games/DCS/Mods/Aircraft/ folder, definitely not in the core dcs folder, so why?
  2. same here! CTD when i attempt to fly the F14A as player, and it shows as old F14A as AI. this is something not right! I have repaired the DCS installation, removed and reinstalled the F14 module, i even removed custom /liveries/F14a/ folder , none of it helped. Removing mods is not a solution this must be properly fixed. TIA dcs.log-20201119-094859.zip
  3. hi i was wondering if the JF-17 was capable of holding RADAR ALTITUDE and had auto steering / navigation waypoint mode at all ?
  4. this is my personal opinion, if there are more than 10 other people than me sharing the same opinion, then i'm sorry: i don't like the new forum, i feel it cold and the general design is very disuasive to try to write / post anything, it feels like a deliberate purpose to make the forum uncomfortable and less usable. i do already have that feeling that in the future i will less visit this forum. the font is too small for subforum sections, it takes an effort to focus on reading and finding the right subforum sections. I don't suffer of stigma at all, i still find the fonts too small and
  5. after i read all of this ... it appears the real bottle neck is DCS 3D engine. tha is very much disappointing as i also wanted to upgrade my gfx card from 1080ti to a 3080 or even a 3090 to get better fps in VR (Pimax) ... that is really sad
  6. +1 i would see them to be completely removed even :D
  7. so , since this was a trick and it's not working anymore (the ai chopper will return to the nearest base) the advanced wpt "orbit" condition is not working either. there is no real "hover" option for ai choppers to hover.
  8. ok! that worked, i just got confused and was not sure what S1_press is doing
  9. When you start the aircraft from cold and dark state and press for the first time T1_Center to set it to NAV mode it does automatically set the mfd configuratioon to: EFIS on the left mfd, rdr on the center and HSD on the right while still being in NAV mode, by fiddling around on any of the mfd , changing pages to else and then pressing again T1_Center: NAV mode , it won't change back too the initial mfd pages configuration as described above, you will have to press the buttons mfd by yourself to set the pages as they were initially in NAV mode. is this normal? i thought the NAV mode
  10. At the beginning, i thought the problem was at my side, but its not! in VR, when you start an aircraft from inside any hangar, especialy at Incirlik AFB, the FPS drops down and everything starts to lag so bad that makes you want to take your vr headset off, i tried already with different aircraft, the worst case is with the JF-17. the FPS returns back to its normal performance as soon as you roll the aircraft out of the hangar, because of this, i have to start to engines, move the aircraft out of the hangar and shut down the engines again to prepare the aircraft for the mission on MP se
  11. how do you map the "MASTER CAUTION RESET" button, please ????? i just can't find it no where, is it even implemented ? if not, please DO THAT ASAP, i just can't stand hearing that "warning" noise anymore, it is very much annoying especially in VR as you have to use the mouse cursor to reach that stupid button, thanks for understanding.
  12. is there a way to change HUD color on the JF17 ? because at certain situations u can barely read anything on the hud
  13. was just about to ask where i could find something like this. and ... :megalol: thanks faking out those reflections on the screens and glass cockpit was a major mistake by who ever decided to do it at ED. :music_whistling:
  14. :doh: how could i not come to find that myself, seems logical ! thanks a lot for the tip , the JF17 is just awesome :thumbup:
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