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  1. Is ground electric power on by default on cold-start missions? For example in the MiG-21bis and M-2000C it seems to have no effect. What is the actual start up procedure like? I'm guessing there should be a truck with a generator to provide power? As a potential wishlist could this be animated?
  2. When hitting eject the canopy of the MiG-21bis is rendered 100s of times. It looks like how the cards fall at the end of MS solitaire. This is in 1.5.3
  3. ekg

    Circuit Breakers

    On the right panel there are circuit breakers. Currently they are not implemented. Is this planned? And if so how would it change the start-up procedure?
  4. I have done this too. Don't remember the speed though. Probably at least 400
  5. Can the tool tips in DCS cockpit be changed so that they show up faster on mouse over? I find having to wait 2-3 sec and keeping the mouse steady with trackir to be a bit tricky
  6. By modern to you mean 80s version or latest version? I thought that there is enough information on the Su-27S but no the Su-27SM which is classified. I'd be happy with older variants if there's enough information to make them happen. I just really really want to cold start this bird and explore it in finer detail :pilotfly:
  7. ekg

    TDC Slew?

    Thanks! I forgot what it was after it was mentioned once in the FC tutorials.
  8. If I'm not mistaken FC3 is the last of the lock-on series. Right now they are doing updates specifically the MiG ans Su-33. After that's done I'm not sure there will be more to develop. However at the same time there will be a full fidelity F-18 and F-14. We already have M-2000C as well. It only makes sense to upgrade the Russian 4th Gen planes (Su-27 and MiG-29) to ASM as stand alone modules. I personally don't care how much they want to charge for it, I'll pay it. I hope there's enough of us making noise over this so that ED can allocate resources to making this happen.
  9. I'm not sure how to interpret this. Do you mean that there will never be ASM Su-27, MiG-29, F-15, Su-25 because there is FC3?
  10. ^ Not sure why it was done. This thread is about using FC3 as the base for new ASM/PFM modules sort of like the A-10C.
  11. Realistically I don't think we'll hear about this until sometime in 2018. The F-18 will come sometime in 2017 and I think that's what their main focus is. If they don't have the manpower for getting the rest of FC3 up to par then it will take a while. Hopefully they will decide that there is enough demand to expedite these wishlist projects. But I won't hold my breath.
  12. I would pay good money for any fast mover from FC3 to be converted to a fully modeled module. I've been playing with the Mirage recently and it is much more immersive than the FC3 planes.
  13. ekg

    TDC Slew?

    What is TDC Slew? I see many different aircraft in DCS have this. I have never used it and can't find info by searching the term on google.
  14. The Russian dialog is Russian Audio with English text. Not sure what you mean I thought we are talking about the audio / speech. I'd also support having same text as the language spoken as another option ;)
  15. Any chance for a "french-only" mission? It might be a tall order and this would probably be more for ED but having an option in the mission editor to use languages for France and France (NATO) would be nice.
  16. ekg

    French ATC/Wingmen?

    Are there any plans to make a french ATC and Wingmen for the M-2000? I don't know if it has a betty since I haven't heard it but a french betty would be nice too.
  17. I hope that there will be some improvements in that area. The furball mission for the D-9 is unplayable because of this.
  18. I tried out the furball mission with 12xP-51 vs 16xD-9. The result of it was that all the D-9s were shot down and only 3P-51s were shot down. Should the AI be improved for the Dora so that it can take advantage of it's strengths vs the P-51?
  19. Seriously what does getting a bunch of 13 year olds in MiG-29s going to get the community? That's really the only group of people I can see that can't afford FC3. If you want them to get into sims get them into the novalogic sims from the 90s. Those were cheap arcade style games that I started off with. In all fairness to the developers they are VERY GENEROUS for giving free updates. They have every right to charge for each update that they make, especially for the fulcrum since it's a huge overhaul. Asking for more free stuff is a slap in the face to the developers. Might as well ask for DCS to be opensource if you want free...
  20. Is there a control for that in the D-9? Is it one of the circuit breakers? There's also the MW-50 supercharger that I read about in the manual. Is that intended for use in dog-fights?
  21. Does anyone have any good documentation on what this is? I've seen in one of the documentaries that the Luftwaffe pilots would fly based on manifold pressure instead of RPM. They said in general they flew at a value of 1.2 ata. I've been playing around with it and I find that for flying (navigation not dogfighting) 1.2 ata regardless of RPM give a consistent speed of 400-450 KIAS with at most 5 m/s rise. I'm curious so know what the applications of this would be in a dogfight as well. It seems that RPM does not equal more power.
  22. Is there a similar way to change the splash screen and wallpaper for the dora?
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