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  1. Were there any more updates to the sound engine? It's amazing. This simulator keeps getting more and more real! Excellent work ED!
  2. Spotting is not easy in real life too, you know. Fly a few circuits and you'll see that it can be tricky to find / track C-172s that are less than 1km out.
  3. ekg

    MIG 29G

    This probably won't happen for a while. Everyone wants full fidelity FC3 planes. I'd give it 5 years realistically. ED seems stretched thin as it is.
  4. ekg

    Wishes news

    I'd gladly get the Nimitz with the F-18. Kuznetsov seems like a waste without a ASM/PFM MiG-29K or Su-33 module.
  5. For all intents and purposes you could improvise. The runway they give is the heading of the runway (this is how it works in real life btw). So for example if you're told to taxi to runway 01 the takeoff roll will be on heading 010 or runway 26 the heading is 260 for the takeoff roll. Basically runway number is the heading of that runway. Knowing this you can approximate the route you need to take to the runway.
  6. This looks really neat! Is the DCS manual a good enough POH for these? I feel like it would be necessary to have this in order to properly fly these missions.
  7. It's amazing! I need to read the manual and study it now! I love the sound by the way! So good!
  8. I too can confirm that vJoy was preventing trimming for DCS modules (with exception to MiG-21 and Dora D-9).
  9. It's a virtual joystick. I needed it as a bridge for between a sim and trackir.
  10. I have vJoy as well for a different sim. Perhaps there might be a way to disable joysticks in DCS? Would be annoying to have to go back to the control panel each time I switch sims.
  11. I would be happy with a full fidelity Su-27S or MiG-29A if that's the only way I can get to fiddle with the systems of either aircraft. Su-34 is probably 20 years into the future :p
  12. Neutral trim lights stay on. In the control options joystick input will register as trim (i.e. the appropriate trim input will be highlighted). I also tried "deleting" options.lua. No effect.I have no problems with the MiG-21 Edit: I notice the same issue come up for A-10C and Black Shark. Could this only be affecting modules published by DCS?
  13. I got today's update. The Lua error doesn't happen anymore but the trim still doesn't work with ff turned off.
  14. I updated options.lua manually to turn off force feedback but that didn't seem to have any affect. I still can't trim the pitch.
  15. This was in misc right? Anyways I tried it and now DCS crashes with this: 00021.418 ALERT LUACOMMON: Error: GUI Error: [string "./MissionEditor/modules/Options\Data.lua"]:384: attempt to index field 'VR' (a nil value) GUI debug.traceback: stack traceback: [C]: ? [string "./MissionEditor/modules/Options\Data.lua"]:384: in function 'getVRChanged' [string "./MissionEditor/modules/me_options.lua"]:97: in function 'onChange' [string "./dxgui/bind/Button.lua"]:22: in function 'callback' [string "./dxgui/bind/Widget.lua"]:310: in function <[string "./dxgui/bind/Widget.lua"]:305> 00040.248 INFO EDCORE: (dDispatcher)enterToState_:5
  16. Does anyone else have problems trimming the Su-27? I tried both my hotas and key commands (default) and they appear to have no effect.
  17. It's nice in external views. However it seems that the same behavior is in the cockpit view. Can the the behavior for the cockpit be reverted? I can't look all the way back any more and if I move the mouse (su-27) the center of the view changes. Also is it me or is the cockpit z axis not working?
  18. Would it be possible to add a control for visor / sunglasses on/off? It would be useful for dogfights where the sun glare makes it much harder to see the opponent. With the sunglasses it would be a little easier to spot them.
  19. I think they did this for the WWII map and planes. [ame]https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/508681281/dcs-wwii-europe-1944[/ame] The last update on the kickstarter was in 2014. However there are updates ongoing in the DCS newsletters.
  20. you mean like a snapshot?
  21. ekg

    DCS : Su-27S

    I've played with the Su-27 recently again. Nice updates by ED! But this really needs a clickable cockpit. Badly. While flying it is fun and the FM is high fidelity it just lacks that precision that I get to experience in modules like the M-2000C or the MiG-21bis. I really hope that ED will start work on this after the F-18 is out.
  22. Like Quake III :D That would be nice!
  23. Sounds like a great idea :) but what is it exactly? Does someone do a search for all user content related to this and make an aggregate set in a zip file?
  24. How do you evade a p-51 that's on your tail? The AI is easy just start doing scissors and eventually you'll shake him off. In MP it's a different story. It just doesn't work... It also doesn't help that the D-9 loses energy fast. Advice?
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