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  1. As someone who wants to fly aerobatic planes, I am very exited for this. Can't wait to try it out!
  2. Ah I missed that. OK so I guess the way to fly it would be to maintain 110 and when turning drop the nose to get to 150, probably to not stall the aircraft? Makes it a bit interesting if I want to circle a particular field.
  3. It would be fun to intercept a cessna with an f-18 :) But also, yes I think that having a progression would make this a true study simulator. I'll be getting the Yak when it comes out.
  4. Looks like the speed is : 150 mph From Pilot's Notes (An abridged POH?) http://zenoswarbirdvideos.com/Images/spit/SPIT9MANUAL.pdf
  5. Would you say that it should never be used? For real life (i.e. in a Cessna) the flaps are used to slow down usually when final to the field is established.
  6. What page / section? I tried looking. I saw 120 mph but that was for landing, with power? Is this intended for emergency?
  7. Hello, I'm looking to do some emergency engine failure exercises with the spitfire. Does anyone know what the best glide speeds are in flaps up / flaps down configurations? Is it weight dependent? Looks like speed is 150 mph [when maneuvering]. Not if this is an authentic/accurate POH. On final use glide speeds (105 flaps down 110 flaps up). Looks like the procedure would be flaps up and keeping the speed between 110-160 mph. A bit of a wide range. http://zenoswarbirdvideos.com/Images/spit/SPIT9MANUAL.pdf
  8. Hi, I'd like to do some training exercises on some of the planes, specifically forced landing from engine failure. I'm looking for data on best glide speed and I can't find any in the manuals provided. Tables with info such as Vx, Vy, Vne, Vso, best glide in given configurations would be incredibly helpful.
  9. I'd literally be willing to pay anything ED charges for a full fidelity Su-27S
  10. ekg

    DCS : Su-27S

    Based on what I read on wikipedia it seems that the Su-27S is still in active service? Can anyone confirm? If so then this project won't come to fruition for who knows how many years... Not sure if Su-27 in the list means the S variant. They specify SM. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Russian_Air_Force#Organisation
  11. ekg

    DCS : Su-27S

    Is there any info if the Russian MoD can give the Su-27S a green light?
  12. Agreed. Realistically the best we could get is the Su-27S and that may not even be possible. But if it is then ED has a lot of the work done for it in FC3.
  13. Will those files be overwritten every update?
  14. Is there ANY consumer simulator that simulates turbulence? I agree with OP having this simulated would be nice. Would make landings much more interesting too.
  15. In the cold-start mission no matter how I set up my radio in the MiG-21bis I can't get through ATC. I believe there might have been an issue with the presets in the mission? Does anyone know for sure? If so can this be updated / fixed?
  16. I thought if you set it to metric the western planes would still use imperial in the cockpit. In external view the stats would be in metric. That's how it works for me with the F-5E. I don't own the L-39 But yes I agree each plane should operate in the units it was designed for.
  17. ekg

    DCS : Su-27S

    Hopefully ED considers making this after the F/A-18. Does anyone know if there is enough information on the S variant of the Su-27 to make this possible? We can't have this module without it. It's somewhat ambiguous as to whether this can actually be done or not counting the manpower required for it. Would be nice to know.
  18. I got it to work by deleting the registry key (with backup of course) at HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Leatherneck Simulations and then re-entering the key to activate from scratch. This all happened after I got the latest update without deactivating the first time like it was suggested.
  19. So yeah... I missed this and updated DCS 1.5 open beta. Now what do I do? I can't deactivate...
  20. What happened? I had to uninstall and reinstall it completely? Why the name change from Leatherneck to Magnitude 3 LLC? Leatherneck was way cooler. Also is the F-14 dead?? I thought it was going to be done by Leatherneck.
  21. What happens between 10,000 and 13,000 ft? I do a sustained climb ~2700 RPM boost at 12 as described in the take off tutorial. The boost starts dropping starting at 10,000 ft. I suppose this makes sense that the air is thinner so performance is worse. I try adding more power via the throttle but it has no effect which is strange. However around 13,000 ft the boost jumps way past 12 (most likely due to added throttle) almost like some sort of switch was turned on. The engine warning light turn on after I pass 13,000 ft.
  22. Not to get too off topic but what about a tail dragger like the 190? The tail wheel has a lock which is activated by pulling back on the stick. I normally ease on it at just over half the take off speed to get the tail to "lift itself up". Should this NOT be used for the take off roll?
  23. I found it to be harder with take off assistance. I thought it was off by default. Use your rudder pedals. Be very quick and gentle so that you don't scrape your wings. I sort of dance with my pedals. Shouldn't take too long to get the hang of it if you can do a take off with the 190
  24. ekg

    Runway headings

    This. Typically you join the left hand circuit. Could be any of the legs. Would be nice if ATC could figure out which leg for you to go on and would say something like "join circuit straight in downwind"
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